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Hungary could be excluded as well. 3. May 2022, at 12:01
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People don't want higher energy prices. 2. May 2022, at 11:43
First lady Jill Biden.
Biden's five day trip will be the second one overseas by herself. 2. May 2022, at 11:37
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the crowd.
Time is running out due to current parliament conflict. 2. May 2022, at 11:35
A registration and information point for Ukrainian arrivals.
The scheme should last three months and aims to make money more readily available to the displaced persons in need. 29. Apr 2022, at 15:10
The government is not prepared to pay in rubles for now. Jozef Tvardzík28. Apr 2022, at 13:00
The launch of the S-300 system in Bulgaria.
The EU promises to fund Slovakia's expenses. 27. Apr 2022, at 18:04
President Zuzana Čaputová
Čaputová rubbishes 'liberation' claims, pointing to rapes and violence 27. Apr 2022, at 11:44
Russian President Vladimir Putin
Poll: majority see Russia as a danger. 21. Apr 2022, at 17:03
PM Eduard Heger with his advisor Alexander Duleba in a train on the way to Kyiv, April 8.
Slovak-Ukrainian relations were enjoying a renaissance. Then the war broke out. 21. Apr 2022, at 7:17
Prime Minister Eduard Heger
The prime minister gave an interview to CNN, commenting on the S-300 system and other forms of Slovak aid to Ukraine. 19. Apr 2022, at 11:21
Martin Michlik volunteered at the border on March 10-12.
Helpers at borders speak of powerful encounters with Ukrainians fleeing war. 18. Apr 2022, at 7:55
Refugees from Ukraine at the pedestrian border crossing in Veľké Slemence, March 1, 2022.
Companies established in Slovakia were quick to respond to the war in Ukraine. 16. Apr 2022, at 9:00
Russian President Vladimir Putin
Most people support the presence of NATO troops at the eastern border. 13. Apr 2022, at 17:30
Russian President Vladimir Putin stands while waiting for Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko prior to their talks in Moscow, on March 11, 2022.
Both countries mutually expelled each other's diplomats. 13. Apr 2022, at 12:16
Nuclear physicist Martin Venhart.
Nuclear power plants are still safe. Renáta Zelná12. Apr 2022, at 16:09
PM Eduard Heger
He also confirmed that the S-300 air defence system sent to Ukraine is in good condition. 12. Apr 2022, at 11:33
Society in Slovakia is very polarised, a sociologist opines. 12. Apr 2022, at 11:25
Robert Fico
He might have threatened the lives of those transporting the missile system to Ukraine. 11. Apr 2022, at 17:39
Making your country resilient to disinformation is one way to help Ukraine, says expert on the information warfare of the Ukrainian armed forces, Viktor Tregubov. 11. Apr 2022, at 14:33
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