Slovakia turns 30

Slovaks and Czechs mark the 30th anniversary of their breakup and the birthdays of their respective states on January 1, 2023. 

The Slovak Spectator has marked the anniversary with a special issue that maps the 30 years of Slovakia’s existence in different areas, based on interviews with people who have observed the country from various unique perspectives and now have stories to tell about it.

List of articles

Hugo Green and his son.
Hugo Green, a British Chartered Accountant, had heard very little about Bratislava before his relocation in 1994. 19. Jan 2023, at 18:00
Zuzana Čaputová
I hope that the elections will be an opportunity for people to show that they have not given up on our country, says the president. 16. Jan 2023, at 15:28
On New Year’s Eve, Czech and Slovak hikers meet at the Veľká Javorina peak on the border of the two states, to celebrate the Czecho-Slovak friendship. This photo shows a gathering in 2017.
Having lived through 2022, the present look back may be the dose of hope that we all need. 1. Jan 2023, at 7:00
Nigel Baker
British Ambassador Nigel Baker goes back to 1993 and greets the newborn Slovakia from the future. 31. Dec 2022, at 7:31
First Ukrainian refugees arrive in Slovakia in late February 2022 after Russia invaded Ukraine.
Slovakia’s 30 years of ups and downs. 30. Dec 2022, at 15:19
Political analyst and former journalist Marián Leško.
But we Slovaks know we could have done better, says veteran analyst Marián Leško. 30. Dec 2022, at 13:08
Dan Stoll
Tracing back along the same route as the bus 30 years before, the High Tatra Mountains took my breath away, again. Dan Stoll30. Dec 2022, at 9:00
Slovakia adopted the euro in 2009.
Slovakia has eventually done what it had to do in the 1990s. Now it needs a new wave of reforms. 29. Dec 2022, at 6:10
Canadian Ben Pascoe runs a cafe in Bratislava's Old Town.
In the Slovak capital, where he planned to stay for a year, Ben Pascoe runs a popular café that tourists rarely stumble across. 28. Dec 2022, at 14:15
Head of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Pavol Šajgalík.
Science in Slovakia has changed a lot in the past 30 years. 28. Dec 2022, at 11:19
Choices, choices: Slovak consumers have a much wider selection of goods to choose from in 2022 than they did in 1993.
Independent Slovakia was founded during a wrenching economic transformation. 28. Dec 2022, at 6:20
A new, high-rise downtown in Bratislava has sprouted in what was previously an industrial zone.
‘Lukewarm’ approach by authorities and wild privatisation left their mark. 27. Dec 2022, at 11:31
Sibyla Mislovičová
Thirty years after divorcing, Czechs and Slovaks still understand each other without hesitation. 26. Dec 2022, at 8:30
Slovak PM Vladimír Mečiar (left) and Czech PM Václav Klaus hold a talk in Brno, Czech Republic, on August 26, 1992.
People's view affected by current politics, experts say. 22. Dec 2022, at 17:04
Former prime minister Vladimír Mečiar with Babky Demokratky.
Images from the history of the Sme daily: After the 1992 elections. 4. Jul 2019, at 10:28
Illustrative Stock Photo
25 years after the Czecho-Slovak breakup, people living in Czecho-Slovak marriages do not feel like they are living with a foreigner. 17. Oct 2018, at 16:16
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