Slovak matters

Slovak matters is a column devoted to helping ex-pats and foreigners understand the beautiful but difficult Slovak language.

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Reynolds takes to the road to improve his Slovak.
The family warned me that eastern Slovakia was dangerous, but I thought it must be safer than continuing as the object of their hospitality. Matthew J. Reynolds16. May 2023, at 10:33
Get love right in Slovak.
Know the right level of love in Slovak so you don't get in over your head, or insult the person you're crushing on. Matthew J. Reynolds3. May 2023, at 9:35
My love is like a horse, and other Slovak sayings.
Many Slovak sayings originate in the land's rural settings, such as comparing the love of your life to a horse and asking if ox yokes are stuck in uncomfortable places. Matthew J. Reynolds18. Apr 2023, at 0:00
The Slovak onomatopoeia for clinking glasses.
Every language has its own particular words that have a special meaning no other language has - here are the top 10 in Slovak. Tom Nicholson4. Apr 2023, at 6:00
Friends drinking a kapurková shot.
The last column was dedicated to saying hello; now we go over the last word, whether saying goodbye or taking the customary last shot. 21. Mar 2023, at 6:00
Tom Nicholson
Slovak Matters is a column dedicated to learning Slovak - here we start with greetings and everything you need to know to say "good day". 14. Mar 2023, at 10:19
The most important things you need to know how to say in Slovak around this holiday season are probably Merry Christmas (Veselé Vianoce) and Happy New Year (Šťastný Nový Rok). Eric Smillie22. Dec 2017, at 15:50
Now or never.
It's known in Slovak as the nežná revolúcia (gentle revolution), as distinct from the povstanie, or uprising, that occurred at the end of the Second World War. and 1 more18. Nov 2002, at 0:00
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