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Pulling strudel dough until it is thin enough to read a newspaper underneath.
Most of us want quick recipes for our busy lives; making pulled strudel, however, is a recipe of mindfulness and connection. 27. May 2023, at 1:21
Chicken paprikáš
Not only is paprikáš quick and easy, it's the perfect comfort food for anyone following Slovak politics lately. 10. May 2023, at 23:51
Opantance, millet with šúľok (gnocchi).
Once common in Slovakia, most people have forgotten what millet is, but as a heat and drought resistant crop it's worth learning old recipes for the future. 28. Apr 2023, at 13:46
Dough for šúľance.
Ukrainian student gives Slovak traditional food a try. 19. Apr 2023, at 7:00
Hŕstková polievka, handful soup, is cheap and filling.
A recipe for a soup both cheap and filling — and tasty of course, just what is needed in times of inflation. 13. Apr 2023, at 0:00
Babička cooking slíže.
The best food comes from Grandma's kitchen - and we are setting out to find it, first with homemade Slovak noodles. 3. Apr 2023, at 10:05
Slovak Sunday bone broth soup.
Sunday lunch - or any celebration - is not complete without a bone broth soup. 13. Mar 2023, at 0:00
Dutch student Lisa Verberne flips a lokša.
Sharing a kitchen is an intimate experience, says student. 23. Feb 2023, at 14:23
Recipes for national classic dish everywhere, but no one seems to cook it. 20. Feb 2023, at 14:24
Opekance with poppy seeds.
Sweet or savoury, traditional baked Slovak dough balls should never be missing from the Christmas dinner table. Radoslava Baňovič Morongová22. Dec 2021, at 10:43
Bryndzové halušky is a meal popular in Slovakia, especially in mountains and in the central part.
Do foreigners feel at home in Slovakia's food landscape? Listen to this podcast to find out. 5. May 2021, at 10:00
Poppy seed popularity rooted in history. 10. Aug 2020, at 11:50
An Easter lamb cake is placed in a wooden basket.
Spectacular Slovakia listeners will lick their fingers at Easter. and 1 more9. Apr 2020, at 7:00
Pampúchy or šišky are a common sweet dish in Slovakia.
Pampúchy or šišky are simple and cheap to make. 6. Feb 2020, at 12:36
Fried cheese has outlived socialism. Some restaurants serve it as the only vegetari-an meal.
Cod salad and fried cheese were made out of necessity. Here’s how these iconic socialist dishes became traditional Slovak meals. Ela Rybárová6. Nov 2018, at 10:55
Illustrative stock photo
Slovakia and Slovenia are commonly confused by their names and their flags. The food and drinks of the two nations tell a different story. 29. Mar 2018, at 15:24
Dairy-free chocolate mousse.
There, I said it. Now, before you start sending me vitriolic emails, please finish reading this post. Thom Kolton5. Dec 2017, at 9:25
People tired of speedy and consumer lifestyle can try to work at farms.
This regularly updated feature on farming in Slovakia includes information on sheep-cheese and biofarms. 15. Jul 2016, at 14:30
Just 119 to go. Slovakia consumed 120 large beers per person last year.
This regularly updated feature on beer and spirits in Slovakia includes tips on local production and regional variety. 8. Jul 2016, at 13:00
Slovak wines are gaining wider attention.
You can taste Chardonnay almost everywhere in the world, but the Devín, Dunaj, and Milia varieties you can taste only here in Slovakia. 6. Jul 2016, at 15:30
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