Bratislava’s Aupark shopping centre plans to add a new block

No details about future brands to be sold in the extension for now.

Bratislava’s Aupark shopping centre.Bratislava’s Aupark shopping centre. (Source: Sme - Peter Žákovič)

Aupark, one of the first modern shopping centres in Bratislava, is to extend its premises. A new block, for which it has already obtained permissions, should add a new parking lot as well as extension of the retail area, the Trend weekly informs on its website dedicated to real estate.

The extension of the shopping centre is to be built on the parking lot next to the McDonald’s outlet. The area covers more than 2,953 square metres and should create 7,267 square metres in total.

The new block would mean a reduction of parking places - from the current 105 to 85. The shopping centre has a total of about 2,200 parking places.

The details of the outlets which will occupy the new block are not known for now as the Aupark management does not want to reveal any details.

“The project has been long in the planning and has been negotiated in all detail with all relevant institutions and affected subjects,” said Tomáš Urbanovský, manager of the shopping centre, as cited by the website. “We are planning the extension of the retail area to make the offer of shops more attractive for our clients.”


Aupark was opened in November 2001. After Polus it was the second modern shopping centre in Bratislava. Already during the first phase it offered 43,000 square metres of retail area. It was extended in 2006 and 2007 to 58,000 square metres. Its last change was the extension of the food court.

The owner of the shopping centre is the company Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield. It bought Aupark from its developer HB Reavis in 2011.

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