Five places where to experience alternative Christmas markets in Bratislava

Find out where to go for original design, urban markets and vegan delicacies.

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Advent is mulled wine and roast sausage, but what is there for those who do not indulge in traditional pastimes and delicacies? Here are some unconventional events to enjoy in the capital before Christmas.

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1. Urban Market

Where: Gymnázium Grösslingová
When: December 6 - December 8 (Fri - Sun)

Design, fashion and art are the three buzzwords for this event taking place at one of Bratislava’s high schools, also known as Gamča. Urban Market will bring together Bratislava's independent artists, craftspeople and designers selling their works. Urban Market is a place for those who are tired of buying – and getting – socks for Christmas. Music fans will have the chance to enjoy a concert by the popular band Para, a jam session from Skúšobňa, and much more.

This winter edition will present a selection of almost 150 brands, said Nikola Luzárová, one of the organisers of Urban Market.



“There will be a lot to choose from, and for those who make a purchase with us, we also have a special Christmas wrapping paper designed by designer Miša Chmeličková,” Luzárová told The Slovak Spectator. The organisers have also prepared a competition with the works of artists presenting their brands as prizes.

For more information, go to the Facebook page of the Urban Market.
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2. Dobrý trh

Where: Stará tržnica, Námestie Nežnej revolúcie,
When: December 15 (Sunday)

Dobrý trh is nothing new in Bratislava. It usually takes place outdoor, even in chilly weather, but this time around the organisers decided to make an exception. The concept is similar to Urban Market: products from small and independent business owners are on sale. The market will be accompanied by book readings, discussions, a theatre show for children, concerts and a discussion on clean air in Bratislava.

"We involved the neighbourhood businesses in the process of preparing Dobrý trh, and the whole area of the Old Market Hall will come to life on the 15th of December,” organisers stated.

The event will also address the fact that the square in front of the building has recently been renamed to commemorate the 1989 Velvet Revolution.

For more information go to the Facebook page of the event.
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3. Dizajn Market

Where: Námestie Nežnej revolúcie
When: December 14 (Saturday)

On Saturdays, the Old Market Hall turns into a grocery market. Handmade goods from local producers will be added on the third weekend of Advent. The Dizajn Market will offer a wide variety of products: from clothes through cosmetics to toys. The market will be open until 15:00 along with the food market. Most of the designers' stalls will be placed on the second floor.

"This will be a nice addition to the food market, where you can buy food from local growers and producers," said Stanka Obložinská, who helped create the project.

Find more information on the Facebook page of the event.
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4. Vegan Christmas Markets

Where: Umelka Pub, Dostojevského rad 2
When: December 13 - December 23

If Bratislava stood for the opposite of vegetarian-friendly some years back, things are slowly changing in the capital, for vegans as well. Vegan Christmas Markets will take place at the Umelka Pub and will serve the needs of all those looking for healthy and meat-free dishes. The meals will be cooked by chefs from the VegDay restaurant. There will be accompanying cultural events.

"The idea arose gradually during the organisation of previous VegDay events at Červený Kameň Castle and then later in Bratislava," explained VegDay founder Marko Šimonek. As a long-time vegan, he knows that there is nothing for him to eat at the Christmas markets, which was one of the reasons why he decided to start a vegan-friendly advent tradition.

For more information check out the Facebook page of the markets.
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5. Christmas Market at Dulák

Where: Dulovo Námestie
When: November 22 - December 22



Those who are easily put off by crowded streets of the Old Town but who would still like to get a bit of the traditional Christmas Market experience, are invited to head to Dulovo námestie in Ružinov. The event is targeted at the local community, offering a more personal and cosy atmosphere. There are 22 stalls selling traditional dishes, local and handmade products and art. Concerts and DJs contribute to a special holiday spirit.

“The Christmas markets at Dulák will offer a new alternative and local Christmas market to Bratislava,” the organisers state on their Facebook page.

See more information on the Facebook page of the event.
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