Small shopping centres and terraces open. These rules come into force on May 6

Hygienists published detailed instructions only hours before the new rules came into force.

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Entrepreneurs had only a few hours to prepare for the biggest relaxation of measures adopted to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Hygienists published the detailed instructions for hoteliers, taxi services providers, hairdressers and shops only on May 5, shortly after 22:00.

Epidemiologists from the consultation group of PM Igor Matovič (OĽaNO) recommended on May 4 to speed up the reopening of economy and merged the second and third phase into one, starting on Wednesday.

The Sme daily has put up a list of measures approved by hygienists that came into force on May 6 at 6:00.

Shopping centres

Big shopping centres remain closed, but the exception was given to those with no more than 35 retail operations.

Customers are still required to wear a mask, maintain two-metre distance between one another and limit the number of customers to one person per 25 square metres.

Restaurants and other facilities serving food

Restaurants, pubs, cafés and other similar operations can be open at 6:00-20:00. Staff can let customers in only to use the bathroom, which has to be disinfected every hour.

It is allowed to open summer terraces, with a two-metre distance between table corners. The number of people sitting behind one table is limited to two people or a family with children.

Hotels and accommodation facilities

Short-term accommodation for guests has been permitted, but the room needs to disinfected and remain empty for at least 24 hours after people leave.

Food can be delivered directly to the room, but eating in restaurants or lunchrooms is still banned.

The facility cannot open other services like wellness rooms, swimming pool or gym.

Taxi services

Taxi services can transport people if their vehicles have “appropriately” divided space between the front and back seats so that the circulation of air between them is limited to a minimum.

The driver must disinfect the space after every customer, and have at least a 15-minute break between rides. Air conditioning in the space for customers is banned.

Body care

Hairdressers, barbers, and employees of manicure and pedicure salons are required to wear protective face shields. The duty does not apply to the employees of solariums.

All spaces and tools need to be disinfected between the visits of customers. When taking care of the face or cutting hair, customers are allowed to not wear a mask.

Driving schools

Drivers and instructors have to protect their respiratory organs, and nobody else is allowed to be in the car.

After the end of the lesson, the car interior needs to be disinfected, and there should be at least a 15-minute break between the drives. Theoretical lessons have to be taken remotely.


The employees of libraries have to wear gloves at work. After taking a book from readers, they should put it aside and handle it only after 24 hours.

Masses and weddings

All participants need to wear masks. Before entering the church or the register office, people have to disinfect their hands, while there should be a two-metre distance between guests.

During mass, it is recommended to recite instead of sing, while people should use a handkerchief or hand when sneezing or coughing. Hygienists recommend holding separate Sunday masses for people older than 65 years.

During communion, it is ordered to serve the host in the hand and not to drink from one vessel. Churchgoers cannot shake hands and there should not be any containers with water in the spaces where ceremonies are held.

Spaces need to be regularly disinfected and where possible, it is recommended to hold masses and other ceremonies outdoors, while keeping a two-metre distance. When leaving the church or the register office, it is required to keep a two-metre distance between people and prevent their gatherings.


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