In addition to murder suspect Karol Mello, whose case has been closely followed in recent weeks by the Slovak media, another Slovak with a criminal past has sought refuge in the Central American state, the Nový Čas daily reported on Wednesday, September 26.

Viliam Mišenka, who is accused by Slovak police of five murders and the theft of more than €5 million, also currently lives in Belize, allegedly as Mello's neighbour. The daily quotes an anonymous source from Belize who said that Mišenka is conducting business related to real estate and is a partner in an internet cafe. The Slovak police and the local authorities are reportedly aware of his presence in Belize.

Mišenka and Mello are joint suspects in two cases, the murders of Peter Čongrády and of Jozef Gudab. According to Nový Čas, the two fugitives met in Kosovo in July 2011, before their respective moves to Belize.

On Thursday, September 27, Nový Čas reported that the X Lounge bar in San Pedro, Belize, which according to local media belongs to Mello, has been offered for sale on the website. “Sellers are moving and need to sell,” the ad states.

Sources: Nový Čas,

Compiled by Zuzana Vilikovská from press reports
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