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Head of investigative journalism projects at the Sme daily. 

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Flats, offices, and even a prison

The largest legal deals in real estate include the new prison in Rimavská Sobota.23. Nov 2020, at 2:15

Demolishing of the pedestal.

Lawyers kept busy with litigation over road construction

Energy distribution companies clash with green energy producers over money.22. Nov 2020, at 14:20

Construction works on the Bratislava ring road project.

Who was behind the sale of one of the biggest banks in Slovakia

The largest law firms were involved in several innovative projects, too.22. Nov 2020, at 14:00

Labour law: Largest law firms in Slovakia

Employment relations hidden in other deals.22. Nov 2020, at 13:10

The Bratislava plant of Volkswagen maintained strict measures also in the summer.

Lawyers can help not only people in marginal situations

Pro bono legal aid in 2019-2020 involved human trafficking cases or representing the parents of murdered journalist Ján Kuciak.21. Nov 2020, at 14:57

Illustrative stock photo

State and company bonds

Ranking of 10 largest law firms in banking & finance21. Nov 2020, at 14:50

Visualisation of the Sky Park project by Zaha Hadid in Bratislava.

How the Largest Law Firms rankings were made

Methodology of rankings explained.20. Nov 2020, at 19:45

Kočner had no motive. The written Kuciak case verdict is a surprise

The court does not trust Peter Tóth and questions the role of middleman Andruskó.7. Oct 2020, at 15:04

Marian Kočner escorted to the courtroom on September 3 to hear the verdict.

Kuciak verdict: The doubts that played in favour of Kočner (analysis)

There are several points in the murder story that the court says the prosecutors have not proven beyond reasonable doubt.4. Sep 2020, at 16:59

Marian Kočner in court

Kuciak murder trial culminates: A convict points at Bödör, accuses him of fabricating a cover story

Businessman close to Smer, Norber Bödör, is currently in custody for another case. Andruskó points a finger at him and says he has covered up the murder.21. Jul 2020, at 20:30

Zoltán Andruskó in court.

Matovič on the coronavirus map: The atmosphere doesn’t favour more detailed data

A lawyer is critical of the plan to publish the information contained in the coronavirus map.6. Apr 2020, at 11:42

A map of patients positively diagnosed with the coronavirus.

What kind of data the Slovak government wants to collect on people

It probably does not have the technology to determine exact location.24. Mar 2020, at 23:18

The government wants to track geolocation data from people's phones to contain the epidemic.

Why did the police move against judges? One of them collaborated

Who is judge Vladimír Sklenka and what was his role among Kočner's judges?11. Mar 2020, at 14:17

Vladimir Sklenka appointed by President Ivan Gasparovic in 2014. Monika Jankovska as state secretary of the Justice Ministry stands in the background.

Fifty soon for death, wrote Kočner shortly before the murder

Some Threema messages between Kočner and Zsuzsová proven by other evidence.11. Nov 2019, at 23:34

Court will judge Kočner for an unprecedented crime

The closely watched process with Kočner and former economy minister Rusko starts in Pezinok.22. Jul 2019, at 9:51

Pavol Rusko (front) and Marián Kočner