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Boulderoom Retro

Slavo Mitro.
photo: Boulderoom

TOP Slovak climbers met for a bouldering contest in Bratislava on September 30 to mark the 25th anniversary of the first boulder competition in Slovakia. A total of 11 women and 22 men took part in the competition that included the excellent Zuzana Čintalová from Modra, current Slovak champion Ondrej Švub, versatile climber Slavo Mitro and Tomáš Greksák.

Prominent Slovak mountaineer Igor Koller, the winner and organizer of the first bouldering competition in Slovakia, arrived to show photos from the event and explain the original rules of the contest, which relies heavily on a climber's creativity and ability to improvise.

Organizers prepared 12 boulders for the qualification round. Only the six best men and six best women could advance to the finals. The competition followed the same rules that were valid 25 years ago. Therefore, not only the number of climbed boulders but also their creation was evaluated. This means that there were six boulders created in each category by the finalists themselves. Each finalist had three attempts. The creator of the boulder started and others followed.

Zuzana Čintalová won the women's final when no other woman was able to climb her boulder. Simply put, it was too demanding to compete with a climber and competitor of her class. In the end, only three boulders remained in the women's final, as those competitors who failed to climb their own boulder dropped out.

The men's final was an excellent demonstration of bouldering performances and techniques. Slavo Mitro ended with the title of best creator. This, along with his excellent performance, earned him the top prize ahead of Ondro Švub and Tomáš Greksák, said Zdenka Bírová from the Bratislava Boulderoom.

Retrospective of Canadian directors

The Tatra Cinema is organizing a retrospective of films by Canadian directors Atom Egoyan and David Cronenberg between October 13 and 16.

Egoyan, who is of Armenian descent, has directed such critically acclaimed films as Speaking Parts, The Adjuster, Calendar, Exotica, the Sweet Hereafter, and Ararat. His films regularly collect festival awards for their exploration of alienation and isolation, and complex characters whose interactions are mediated through technology, bureaucracy or other power structures.

David Cronenberg, one of the principal originators of what is sometimes known as the "body horror" genre, has directed Stereo and Crimes of the Future, The Fly, Dead Ringers, Spider and A History of Violence.

Astorka in English

The Astorka Theatre is looking to attract foreign audiences with an English translation of Play Gorkij or Summer Guests, a play by Roman Poldh that was inspired by the work of playwright Maxim Gorkij. The theatre ensemble will perform the play about love, infidelity, money power and obsession on October 13th at 19:00.

The Atorka Theatre plans to add more plays to its list of performances interpreted into English, as well as to organize performances for German-speaking audiences.

New British Centre in Banská Bystrica

The British Centre will be a place for people to learn about British culture.
photo: SITA

British Ambassador to Slovakia Judith Macgregor and director of the British Council in Slovakia Huw Jones ceremonially opened the first British Centre in Slovakia in the State Scientist Library in Banská Bystrica on October 3. The centre will serve students and teachers of English, as well as other people interested in Great Britain and its culture. "I am very glad that this centre will be in the library, because a lot of people will come across it," Mrs. Macgregor said.

British Council director Huw Jones stressed that the centre will provide all the services provided by the recently closed branch office of the British Council in Banská Bystrica.

The British Council plans to open more centres in Košice, Prešov and two other towns, probably Žilina and Nitra. This will bring the British Council's services closer than when there were only two regional branches operating, in Banská Bystrica and Košice. In these two towns, the British Council had to close down their branches, then get them up and running again as quickly as possible. "We closed our branch in Banská Bystrica at the end of the last academic year and were already opening our new centre at the beginning of this one. This is partly thanks to the cooperation of the State Scientist Library," Jones said.

The British Centre is the fourth foreign culture centre - after the Russian, German and US centres - on the grounds of the State Scientist Library, the library director Oľga Lauková told the SITA news wire.

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