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Smer wins, but will need coalition partners

The unofficial results of the parliamentary elections confirm Smer’s victory and success of extremist parties.

(Source: SME)

9:07 The unofficial results of the parliamentary elections published by Slovakia’s Statistics Office after 99.96 percent the valid votes were counted show that Smer was the most popular party, with 28.3 percent of the vote. Since the result means it will have only 49 mandates, it is clear Smer will not be able to continue in one-party government and will have to form a coalition. Second came SaS with 12.1 percent of the vote. Third highest result harvested OĽaNO-NOVA with 11 percent, followed by SNS with 8.6 percent, ĽSNS with 8 percent, Sme rodina with 6.6 percent, Most-Híd with 6.5 percent and Sieť with 5.6 percent. Unlike the pre-election polls, KDH failed to collect enough votes and with 4.9 percent will stay out of the parliament. The turnout was 59.82 percent.

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6:09 Votes counted: 95.5 percent;  Turnout 59.6 percent
Eight parties in the parliament: Smer (28.5 percent), followed by SaS (11.7 percent), OĽaNO-NOVA (10.9 percent), SNS (8.7 percent), ĽSNS (8.1 percent), Sme rodina (6.6 percent), Most-Híd (6.5 percent) and Sieť (5.5 percent).

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4:44 After votes in 81.3 percent of election precincts have been counted, only eight parties remain in the parliament. Smer is still leading with 28.8 percent, followed by SaS with 11 percent, OĽaNO-NOVA with 10.6 percent, SNS with 8.8 percent, ĽSNS with 8.3 percent, Most-Híd with 6.7 percent, Sme rodina with 6.5 percent and Sieť with 5.4 percent. However, preliminary results suggest that KDH, on just 4.9 percent, will not make it into parliament.

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3:08 Votes counted: 50.4%;  Turnout 59.43 %
Nine parties still in the parliament: Smer (29.3 percent), followed by SaS (10.5 percent), OĽaNO-NOVA (10.4 percent), SNS (8.9 percent), ĽSNS (8.4 percent), Most-Híd (6.5 percent), Sme rodina (6.5 percent), Sieť (5.4 percent) and KDH (5.1 percent).

2:06 Nine parties will be in the parliament, according to the Statistics Office. After votes have been counted in 18.5 percent of election precincts, Smer leads with 30.5 percent, followed by OĽaNO-NOVA on 10.3 percent. Third is SaS with 9.9 percent, followed by SNS, which has so far received 9.4 percent. Other parties on course to pass the five percent threshold and thus enter parliament, based on the official preliminary results, are: ĽSNS (8.6 percent), Sme rodina (6.5 percent), Sieť (5.6 percent), Most-Híd (5.5 percent) and KDH (5.3 percent).

1:04 After votes have been counted in 10 percent of election precinct, Smer leads with 30.9 percent. Second is OĽaNO-NOVA with 10.1 percent, followed by SaS with 9.7 percent, SNS with 9.6 percent, ĽSNS with 8.3 percent, Sme rodina with 6.6 percent, Sieť with 5.7 percent, KDH with 5.2 percent, KDH with 5.2 percent, and Most-Híd with 5.1 percent.

23:52 Andrej Danko said he is happy that he saved SNS.

23:27 Due to technical problems the Statistics Office has not yet started uploading the preliminary results of the election.

23:06 Igor Matovič sees the result of his party as a success but said that "this will be of no help" if Smer will rule because of Kotleba.

22:56 "We are very surprised," Andrej Hrnčiar of Sieť reacted to exit poll results. Voters seem to have opted for a radical change, he said.

22:52 "We usually do not comment on polls," Ján Figeľ said in reaction to exit poll results.

22:20 “Smer introduced an atmosphere of fear and anger and then was unable to channel it,” says political analyst Pavol Hardoš during a debate in the editorial room of the Sme daily, to explain the result of Kotleba’s far-right party in the exit poll for Markíza.

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22:10 The ruling Smer party won the elections, though with a very low result. The exit poll carried out by the Focus agency, released by the private broadcaster TV Markíza shows it won only 27.3 percent of the vote. This equals 45 mandates in the 150-seat parliament. 
Based on the responses of voters as they left polling stations, second became Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) with 13.3 percent of the vote (22 seats in the parliament). Next was Ordinary People and Independent Personalities (OĽaNO-NOVA) with 11.2 percent (18 seats), followed by the Slovak National Party (SNS) with 8 percent (13 seats), Most-Híd with 7.3 percent (12 seats), Ľudová strana - Naše Slovensko (ĽSNS) of Marian Kotleba with 6.8 percent (11 seats), Sieť with 6.7 percent (11 seats) and Sme rodina (We Are Family) of Boris Kollár with 5.9 percent (10 seats). The Christian Democratic Movement (KDH) received 5 percent (8 seats).

Election 2012 - exit polls & final results (Source: sme.sk)
 2012 Focus (exit poll)2012 MVK (exit poll)2012 official results


22:00 A total of 5,992 polling stations closed at 22:00 across Slovakia ending the country’s one-day general election. 
The first preliminary results of the vote will be available on the website of the Slovak Statistics Office between 22:30 and 22:45 and will be updated as vote counts from regional precincts arrive. The official results will be published by the Statistics Office on March 6, most likely around noon. The Slovak Spectator will be updating the election results on its webpage simultaneously with information coming from the Statistics Office. 
The election was supervised by the State Election Commission, as well as about 5,000 police officers. Both said that the election was calm and that there were no major disturbances.

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