How to learn more than 50 foreign languages? Top stories of 2018

Which of The Slovak Spectator’s stories were the most popular among readers in 2018?

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1. Fire at the Christmas market

The popular Roland Restaurant Café fell victim to a fire that engulfed a stall in downtown Bratislava. Click to see video:

A stall at Bratislava’s Christmas market caught fire Read more 

2. Who will work for Jaguar?

Women and the long-term unemployed are an untapped resource of the work force for the JLR plant in Nitra, according to the carmaker’s HR director, Nicci Cook.

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3. Ancient board game found

The tomb of a Germanic prince in Poprad uncovered a precious secret.

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4. What stories did Ján Kuciak work on?

Investigative reporter Ján Kuciak, murdered along with his fiancée by unknown perpetrators, was working on serious topics concerning VAT fraud. In his last months, he had been dealing with the work of people close to the Italian mafia ´Ndrangheta in Slovakia, and their past relations with the main state advisor of the former prime minister Robert Fico, Mária Trošková.

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5. Slovak app prevents food waste

“We value food,” Dominika Kováčová, one of the women behind the idea of the app, told The Slovak Spectator. She and her colleague Martina Luknárová work with gastronomy, organising food festivals and keeping in touch with various restaurants, cafes and bakeries.

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6. Henry Acorda dies

The death of young Philippine-born expat Henry Acorda shook Slovakia in late May.

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7. Whom do Slovaks marry the most among foreigners?

Compared to other countries, the number of mixed marriages is still low. Slovaks, much like Bulgarians and Romanians, are the least likely to marry a foreigner. The rate of mixed marriages in these countries ranges from 1.5 percent to 4 percent.

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8. The last piece of Ján Kuciak

Read the last, unfinished piece of Ján Kuciak, an investigative journalist who was murdered with his fiancée Martina Kušnírová in their house in Veľká Mača in February.

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9. An exorcist's story

People with spiritual problems of various kinds or those “obsessed with dark forces” often seek the help of exorcists. Read the experiences of one.

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10. Talking to a polyglot

How to learn more than 50 foreign languages? Englishman Richard Simcott will offer some tips.

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