Foreigners: Top 10 events in Bratislava

Tips for the top 10 events in the capital between January 11 and January 20, plus regular services in different languages, training, temporary exhibitions and highlights of the year.

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Top 10

EVENT: Laughter Games; Starts: Jan 11, 18:00
CONCERT: Mahler 4th symphony; Starts: Jan 11, 19:00
SPORT: Skitouring; Starts: Jan 12, 7:00
EVENT: Bratislava Book Exchange; Starts: Jan 12, 9:00
EVENT: After-Christmas bazaar; Starts: Jan 12, 10:00
EVENT: Winter food festival; Starts: Jan 14, 8:00
CONCERT: Glenn Miller Orchestra; Starts: January 15, 19:00
QUIZ: International quiz night; Starts: Jan 16, 20:00
EVENT: Disney On Ice; Starts: Jan 19, 20
EVENT: Kino Fest Anča: Best animated movies 2018; Starts: Jan 20, 16:00

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Religious Services for non-Slovak speakers

Galleries in Bratislava: Temporary exhibitions

Training in English

Highlights of the year (selection of events for which it's advisable to obtain tickets early)

TOP 10

Laughter games

Yoga House, Panenská, Bratislava, Friday, January 11, 18:00

At Laughter games and the Laughter yoga workshop we will rediscover our inner child’s playfulness and happiness in the current moment. We will release tension and stress and learn to apply the healing power of laughter in practice. Admission: €8. More info:

Mahler 4th symphony

Mýtna 1, Bratislava, Friday, January 11, 19:00

The fifth subscription concert of the jubilee 90th season of the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra will play the fourth symphony of Gustav Mahler at the baton of well-known Czech conductor, Peter Altrichter. Admission: €7. More info:

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Račianska 30, Nové Mesto, Saturday, January 12, 7:00

Do you love skiing but are tired of waiting in a long line for the ride up the hill, skiing overcrowded ski slopes or trying to relax in ski resorts that already look like shopping centers? Would you like to try boldly skiing on an empty route and then riding through almost untouched nature? If so, do not hesitate and come to learn the basics of alpine skiing/ski touring! Admission: €49-€69. More info:

Bratislava Book Exchange

Old Market Hall, Námestie SNP, Bratislava-Staré Mesto, Saturday, January 12, 9:00

We are pleased to invite you to the 54th edition of the Bratislava Book Exchange. This unique event will be held at the TRH - PIAC - MARKT on Saturday, January 12, 2019, between 09:00 and 15:00, at the Old Market Hall. Not only books but also gramophone records, postcards, magazines, CDs, comics and posters will be sold. We are looking forward to seeing you! Admission: free.

After-Christmas bazaar

Župné námestie 9, Bratislava, Saturday, January 12, 10:00

We invite you to join the After-Christmas bazaar of clothes and things. Everyone has things at home that they no longer need but can still serve others. Let's meet on this day, whether as a seller or a buyer.

- In room 1, there will be a free zone where you can bring or get free stuff.

- In room 2, there will be a zone where you can chose things that cost between 1 euro to 10 euros. Admission: free. More info:

Winter food festival

Letná 1, Bratislava, January 14 – February 24

Do gourmet delicacies of the most famous restaurants of Slovakia attract you? Do you like to taste specialties from the best chefs from all over the country? Would you like to check out their master cooks? Do you want to experience the atmosphere of a first-class restaurant where you will be fully enchanted by the professionalism of the staff and the beautiful equipment?

Indulge in an exclusive experience for yourself and your loved ones! Admission: €0-€33. More info:

Glenn Miller Orchestra

Istropolis, Trnavské mýto 1, Tuesday, January 15, 19:00

The original American Glenn Miller Orchestra was founded in the thirties of the last century. Founder Glenn Miller is considered one of the greatest shining stars of the American jazz scene for more than 35 years. Glenn's career lasted only five years, but this time was long enough for Glenn Miller to become a leading personality of the world's most popular swing orchestra, which remains under the name of "Glenn Miller Orchestra". Dutch conductor and keyboardist Wil Salden has been conducting the orchestra for several decades. You can enjoy his amazing talent and work live on January 15, 2019 in Bratislava. They will play favourites such as Sunrise Serenade, Moonlight Serenade, Moon Love, Over The Rainbow, Blue Orchids, Careless, When You Wish Onon, and Imagination. Admission: €45-€59.

International quiz night

Dungeon Pub, Štefánikova 14, Bratislava, Wednesday, January 16, 20:00

New Year. First pre-introduction, in need of education! Brain cells need to be tormented. So get ready, bring friends and reserve a table. The English Quiz is fun, where you can learn and even have fun afterwards. Admission: €2. More info:

Disney On Ice

Ondrej Nepela's Winter Arena, Odbojárov, Nové Mesto, Saturday and Sunday, January 19, 20, 10:00 & 14:00

Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy will take you to a magical fairy-tale world at the spectacular Disney On Ice Ice Show: Reach For The Stars. Discover the magical world of the Frozen Kingdom with Anna, Elsa and the merry little snowman Olaf and sing legendary songs like "Let It Go" and "Summer" with them. Get a deep-water laugh with Ariel at the sound of Sebastian's crab band, find yourself with Rapunzel and Flynn in a bandit chorus escort from the Ugly Duck Inn, and last but not least, experience "Tale as Old as Time" - the immortal classic of Beauty and the Beast in this dazzling ice show! Admission: €15-€39. More info:

Kino Fest Anča: best animated movies 2018, Námestie SNP, Bratislava, Sunday, January 20, 16:00

The best animated movies of 2018 is a collection of the best contemporary short films for children that you will never see anywhere else. The organizers of Kino Fest Anča have prepared a group of films to bring unforgettable visual and storytelling experiences from the world of animation. The selection of images from all over the world is a representative selection of fun, educational, unique authoring approaches, imaginative art stylizations, and original techniques that make it possible for one original animated film to offer an experience to children. Admission: €5. More info:

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TRAINING: Pilates in English; Starts: Every Monday evening, 20:30
TRAINING: Yoga in English on Thursdays; Starts: Every Thursday, 18:30
TRAINING: Yoga in English at Indian Embassy; Starts: Monday to Friday, 11:00, 16:00, 18:00
TRAINING: Pilates in English– The class is in English, suitable for men and women, beginners and advanced, Slovaks and foreigners. The venue is equipped with Pilates requisites, a shower and a kitchen. (you do not need to bring a mat). Andrea’s classes are a mix of Pilates exercises for a strong core and and flexible body, as well as yoga exercises for stretching stiff muscles caused by a sedentary lifestyle. Her classes end with the all-important relaxation of body and mind. She also uses highly qualitative essential oils (doTerra) during the class. Refreshments, tea, fruit are included in the price. Starts: Every Monday evening, 20:30; Open Mind centrum, Mickiewiczova 2. Admission: €8 (one-time charge). More info:
TRAINING: Yoga in English on Thursdays - You need to make reservation via This is a beginners & intermediate class and you do not need any pre-knowledge. We will practice Dynamic Flow yoga. Take a look at one of our sessions: Tea, water, fruit, showers are available to use for free. In these classes we will perform exercises that make us stronger, more flexible, obtain balance and have fun while doing it. Starts: Thursday 18:30; Open Mind Centrum, Mickiewiczova 2. Admission: €8 (one-time charge) or €59 for a 10 session ticket you can use within 12 weeks. More info:
TRAINING: Yoga in English at Indian Embassy - The Embassy of India in Bratislava is happy to announce the commencement of Yoga classes. The classes will be conducted by Ms. Jaiwanti, Yoga Teacher. The classes will cover Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation and Relaxation techniques. People interested in joining the Yoga Classes are requested to fill in the attached Registration Form. The Registration Form may then be sent to email: For any clarification/further information, you may contact Ms. Jaiwanti at Tel: +421-2-5296 2916/7/8 or email: Admission is free. Starts: Monday to Friday, 11:00, 16:00, 18:00, Dunajska 4, Bratislava. More info:

Temporary exhibitions

Useful Photography. Photography in Contemporary Slovak Art; Open: Tue – Wed 10:00 – 18:00, Thur 12:00 – 20:00, Fri – Sun 10:00 – 18:00 until Feb 17, 2019

Useful Photography. Photography in Contemporary Slovak Art – This exhibition will not present photography as a useful, fast recording medium, "a document of the period", or as an instrument of digital manipulation, but as a tool that is suitable for a wide range of use in contemporary art. In their response to the era of digital technology, artists use the photo medium much more freely but in a more sophisticated way. Appropriated documented reality is constructed, arranged, staged anew, but with the use of purely photographic methods and classical approaches. The collection will focus on events in the past 10 to 15 years, examples of artistic techniques and strategies within the wide spectrum of possibilities of this medium. It will also take into consideration a relatively new phenomenon - the impact of foreign training and long-term stays on the work of Slovak artists. Open: Tue – Wed 10:00 – 18:00, Thur 12:00 – 20:00, Fri – Sun 10:00 – 18:00 until Feb 17, 2019. More info:

Religious Services for non-Slovak speakers

SERVICE: Apostolic Church; Starts: Sundays, 9:30, Bratislava City Church, Trnavské mýto 1, English
SERVICE: Bratislava International Church, Starts: Sundays 10:00 English, Malý kostol, Panenská Street (entrance from Lýcejná Street)
SERVICE: Brotherhood Church (Cirkev bratská); Starts: Sundays 10:00, Cukrová 4, English
MASS: The Church of Saint Ladislav; Starts: Sundays 11:00, Špitálska, English
MASS: Church of St. John of Matha; Starts: Sundays 9:00 Latin
MASS: St. Martin’s Cathedral; Starts: Sundays 7:45 German, 9:00 Latin
MASS: Church of the Merciful Brothers; Starts: Sundays 11:30 Italian
SERVICE: Small Evangelical Church; Starts: Sundays 9:00 Hungarian, 10:00 English, 11:30 German, Malý kostol, Panenská Street (entrance from Lýcejná Street)
SERVICE: Citylight Church, Starts: Sundays 10:00 English, Námestie 1.mája 1
SERVICE: Bratislava International Fellowship, Starts: Sundays 10:00 English, Trnavské mýto 1, (Istropolis)
SERVICE: International Baptist Church; Starts: Sundays 10:00 English, Súľovská 2
JEWISH SERVICE: Synagogue on Heydukova Street; Starts: Friday evening (before twilight), Saturday morning (usually at 9:00), and during feasts, Hebrew

Highlights of the year

CONCERT: Steven Wilson: To the Bone Tour 2019; Starts: February 10, 20:00
CONCERT: Nicki Minaj & Future; Starts: February 22, 2019, 19:30
EVENT: Lord of the Dance; Starts: Mar 1, 20:00
CONCERT: Paul Kalkbrenner; Starts: Mar 7, 19:30

CONCERT: Alice Cooper; Starts: Sep 15, 20:00
CONCERT: Eros Ramazzotti; Starts: Oct 5, 2019
CONCERT: Steven Wilson: To the Bone Tour 2019 - Steven Wilson, composer, musician, producer and leading personality of contemporary progressive rock, will perform for the first time in Slovakia. His successful show, To the Bone enriched by Porcupine Tree, will be presented on February 10, 2019 in the Bratislava refinery gallery. Steven Wilson has published more than fifty albums over his thirty-year career. The current, To the Bone, is his most successful record. After being released in August last year, he reached third place in the UK Album Chart, 2nd in Germany, and even in August 2017 his was among the 10 best-selling albums in Europe. To the great pleasure of intelligent progressive rock fans, Steven Wilson continues his successful worldwide tour To the Bone in 2019. Starts: February 10, 20:00, Refinery Gallery, Vlčie hrdlo, Bratislava. Admission: €39.5 - €50.5. More info:
CONCERT: Nicki Minaj & Future – World hip-hop icons Nicki Minaj and Future have their first shared tour, NickiHndrxx. The show is great for those who love hip-hop and mainstream music. The award-winning musicians are well-known for their hits that reach top places in the music rankings. Together, they will bring an unforgettable show to the stage. Starts: February 22, 2019, 19:30, Ondrej Nepela’s Winter Arena, Odbojárov 9, Bratislava. Admission: €69-€109. More info:
EVENT: Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games – the Famous Lord of the Dance returns to Slovakia to perform in front of our public. Their last visit in 2017 was rewarded with record audiences. A brand new dancing performance, great visual technology, sound, beautiful costumes, new music by composer Gerard Fahy and 40 talented young artists from around the world are the core of Dangerous Games. Starts: Mar 1, 20:00, Viedenská cesta 3-9, Incheba arena. Admission: €23-€78. More info:
CONCERT: Paul Kalkbrenner - Paul Kalkbrenner is ranked among the best electronic musicians in the world. The DJ from Berlin caught the attention of Slovakia in 2012 and after seven years he is returning to Bratislava with new work. The best electronic concert of the year 2019 will be played at the Refinery Gallery and you must be there! Starts: Mar 7, 19:30, Refinery Gallery, Vlčie hrdlo, Bratislava. Admission: €39. More info:

CONCERT: Alice Cooper - The biggest horror show in rock music comes to Slovakia! Legendary Alice Cooper will perform next year with an exclusive concert. King of the horror shows and the shock-rock godfather will come out with a new show Ol Black Eyes is Back, Tour 2019. Starts: Sep 15, 20:00, Incheba Expo Arena, Viedenská cesta, Bratislava. Admission: €45-€666. More info:
CONCERT: Eros Ramazzotti – Italian pop-rock star Eros Ramazzotti has announced his world tour and also a new studio album. Slovaks can look forward to well-known songs such as Fuoco nel fuoco and Piu bella cosa, L’Aurora, Un‘ altra te, Dove c‘ é musica, Se bastasse una canzone. Starts: Oct 5, 2019, Ondrej Nepela’s Winter Stadium. Admission: €39-€79. More info:

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