Foreigners: Top 10 events in Bratislava

Tips for the top 10 events in the capital between March 15 and March 24, plus regular services in different languages, training, temporary exhibitions and highlights of the year.

(Source: Gabriel Kuchta, Sme)

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Top 10
EVENT: Radio_Head Awards 2018; Starts: Mar 15, 19:00
CONCERT: Livin´ Blues 2019; Starts: Mar 16, 17:30
PARTY: Heating Plant; Starts: Mar 16, 23:00
EVENT: St Patrick’s Day 2019; Starts: Mar 17, 14:00
FILM: Visegrad Film Forum 2019; Starts: Mar 19-23
EVENT: English Language Comedy; Starts: Mar 19, 19:00
MARKET: Sashe; Starts: Mar 20-22
EVENT: Folkekøkken: Slovak Edition; Starts: Mar 20, 18:30
CONCERT: Metallica symphonic; Starts: March 23, 20:00
CONCERT: Scooter Tour 2019; Starts: March 23, 20:00

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Religious Services for non-Slovak speakers

Galleries in Bratislava: Temporary exhibitions

Training in English

Highlights of the year (selection of events for which it's advisable to obtain tickets early)

TOP 10

Radio_Head Awards 2018

AXA Aréna NTC, Príkopova, Bratislava, Friday, March 15, 19:00

Honorable Music Award of Rádio_FM. Rádio_FM has been distributing "radios" for the best of the domestic scene for albums of the Year, Composing of the Year, Discography of the Year and Debut of the Year and in the genre categories Hip Hop / Rap / RnB, World Music / Folk, Hard and Heavy and Electronic Music, Classical Music, Jazz Music, Experimental Music, and Music Award. Admission: €7-€10. More info:

Livin´ Blues 2019

Dom kultúry Lúky, Vigľašská, Petržalka, Saturday, March 16, 17:30

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2019 is the 27th year of the Livin’ Blues Festival. It was created in 1993 and became a follower of the summer Rhythm & Blues festival Rača. Demand for the Blues Festival started in a time period when blues groups were playing in bars, pubs and cultural houses, but confrontation with the foreign blues scene was missing. From the beginning, the festival has been orientated to include neighbouring countries, which has helped and continues to strengthen contacts with foreign musicians. Every year, the festival tries to present from the home scene not only new stars, but also blues perennial stars. At this year, foreigners will be represented by: Matej Ptaszek Trio of Bohemia, Muddy Shoes from Hungary and Nina van Horn - a French-American singer. The home scene will be represented by: Calvados Band J J Cale Tribute Band and Jerguš Oravec 3jo & Tammy Nižňanská a.h. Admission: €12-€15. More info:

Heating Plant

UHU Club, Šafárikovo námestie 7, Old Town, Saturday, March 16, 23:00

The largest LGBT party in Slovakia. Come with us to the island of freedom and diversity, enjoy warm adventures, peace and love at the Heating Plant in the super friendly UHU Clube. You will be entertained by music shamans from other free countries. DJs from abroad and from Slovakia will bring you good moods and disco rhythms. Admission: €4-€7. More info:

St Patrick’s Day 2019 in Bratislava

Eurovea, Pribinova, Sunday, March 17, 14:00

Come enjoy the biggest Irish day with us! St Patrick’s Day is celebrated around the world and Bratislava cannot miss out. There will be plenty of activities for your family such as Irish dances and songs, Gaelic football and lots of activities for children, such as face painting and various competitions.

The event is co-organized by the Embassy of Ireland in Bratislava, Avalon Academy of Irish Dance and Slovak Shamrock Sport Club.

Visegrad Film Forum 2019

Svoradova 2, Bratislava, Tuesday – Saturday, March 19-23

VFF is an international educational and networking event facilitating contact between talented young film professionals from neighboring European countries and internationally recognized and appreciated film creators. Participants will enjoy five amazing days full of learning and networking, screenings of student films, master classes and workshops with renowned experts, case studies of interesting film projects and discussions. If you are interested in movies be sure not to miss it. Admission: €15-€30. More info:

English Language Comedy: Matt Davis' BadFamiliar

Kafé Scherz, Palisády 27, Old Town-Bratislava, Tuesday, March 19, 19:00

We are excited to have award-winning comedian Matt Davis return to Bratislava to perform his latest show, BadFamiliar. Come laugh along with a performer chosen by prestigious, global comedy arts festivals. Admission: €7-€9. More info:

Sashe Market

Stará tržnica, Námestie SNP, Bratislava-Old Town, Wednesday - Friday, March 20-22

The SAShE market is like coming home - you will find things that warm your heart and put a smile on your face. The great spring SAShE market combines traditional pieces and modern trends from the world of home-made handicrafts under one roof. You can revive your spring wardrobe with stylish pieces for adults and children, buy natural cosmetics, refresh your home with original accessories, or just replenish supplies used up over a long winter. Admission: €2. More info:



Folkekøkken: Slovak Edition

Mareena, Lazaretská, Old Town, Wednesday, March 20, 18:30

Folkekøkken (literally the kitchen of people) is the Danish concept of community dining, the main ingredients of which are the various cultures and stories mingling in the pleasant atmosphere of the evening, which makes it possible to meet new people from different areas. It's more than just classic dining, creating space for new and regular participants of all ages who can debate food and get to know each other better in a relaxed atmosphere. This version of Folkekøkken introduces you to new people and new cuisines of people coming to live in Slovakia or with various Slovak specialties. We always cook vegetarian to make the events available for as many of you as possible. This edition will be devoted to Slovak cuisine with the sweet specialty of "šúľance" with poppy seeds or cottage cheese. Are you interested in how this food is prepared? You will now be able to try it yourself. Admission: €2.5. More info:

Metallica symphonic

Majestic Music Club, Karpatská, Bratislava, Saturday, March 23, 20:00

After great success in Poland, the amazing international project called Music of Metallica band - symphonic is coming to Slovakia. You will see one of the best Metallica cover bands in the world, SCREAM INC., surrounded by a symphony orchestra. At the concert you will hear the greatest Metallica hits in symphonic arrangements just like the S & M album. Do not let almost two hours of classical rock-metal with incredible design pass you by! 2019 celebrates 10 years since the release of the S & M album. Admission: €23-€60. More info:

Scooter Tour 2019

AXA Aréna NTC, Príkopova, Bratislava, Saturday, March 23, 20:00

100% SCOOTER – 25 YEARS WILD & WICKED: SCOOTER are celebrating in 2018 their 25th anniversary – who would have thought it possible a quarter of a century ago? Not only has the mastermind H.P. BAXXTER and his band colleagues triumphed over the transient and capricious nature of the music scene but they have gone on to become the most successful techno act of all time.

In their illustrious history, SCOOTER have spent more than 500 weeks in the singles charts and 300 weeks in the album charts, selling over 30 million units along the way and with more than 80 gold and platinum records from all over the world. In addition, they scored more top ten hits in the charts than any other German artist and can call on a catalogue of top ten tracks to rival those of the most successful artists of all time, even names like Madonna, Michael Jackson, Rihanna or Depeche Mode. An anniversary such as this cannot slip by quietly. No, SCOOTER will celebrate their silver jubilee all year long! At the heart of the celebrations, the 100% SCOOTER – 25 YEARS WILD & WICKED TOUR will be the biggest world tour SCOOTER have ever embarked on, taking them all the way around the globe and back again. Admission: €30 - €59. More info:

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TRAINING: Pilates in English; Starts: Every Monday evening, 20:30
TRAINING: Yoga in English on Thursdays; Starts: Every Thursday, 18:30
TRAINING: Yoga in English at Indian Embassy; Starts: Monday to Friday, 11:00, 16:00, 18:00
TRAINING: Pilates in English– The class is in English, suitable for men and women, beginners and advanced, Slovaks and foreigners. The venue is equipped with Pilates requisites, a shower and a kitchen. (you do not need to bring a mat). Andrea’s classes are a mix of Pilates exercises for a strong core and and flexible body, as well as yoga exercises for stretching stiff muscles caused by a sedentary lifestyle. Her classes end with the all-important relaxation of body and mind. She also uses highly qualitative essential oils (doTerra) during the class. Refreshments, tea, fruit are included in the price. Starts: Every Monday evening, 20:30; Open Mind centrum, Mickiewiczova 2. Admission: €8 (one-time charge). More info:
TRAINING: Yoga in English on Thursdays - You need to make reservation via This is a beginners & intermediate class and you do not need any pre-knowledge. We will practice Dynamic Flow yoga. Take a look at one of our sessions: Tea, water, fruit, showers are available to use for free. In these classes we will perform exercises that make us stronger, more flexible, obtain balance and have fun while doing it. Starts: Thursday 18:30; Open Mind Centrum, Mickiewiczova 2. Admission: €8 (one-time charge) or €59 for a 10 session ticket you can use within 12 weeks. More info:
TRAINING: Yoga in English at Indian Embassy - The Embassy of India in Bratislava is happy to announce the commencement of Yoga classes. The classes will be conducted by Ms. Jaiwanti, Yoga Teacher. The classes will cover Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation and Relaxation techniques. People interested in joining the Yoga Classes are requested to fill in the attached Registration Form. The Registration Form may then be sent to email: For any clarification/further information, you may contact Ms. Jaiwanti at Tel: +421-2-5296 2916/7/8 or email: Admission is free. Starts: Monday to Friday, 11:00, 16:00, 18:00, Dunajska 4, Bratislava. More info:

Temporary exhibitions

Oto Bachorík: Monuments; Open: 10:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M until April 22. Closed on Mondays.
EL LISSITZKY & ER SIKORA; Open: 10:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M. until June 30. Closed on Mondays.
Martina Matlovičová, Vladimír Král: Illustrations; Open: 10:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M. until April 14. Closed on Mondays.
From the Academy to Nature. Forms of Landscape Painting in Central Europe 1860–1890

Oto Bachorík: Monuments - Oto Bachorík is one of the most famous artists of the middle generation. A sculptor with a unique sense for matter, he can bring stone, metal and wood to life and approach each of these materials with respect as well as the determination of a conqueror. In his monuments, as well as in his chamber sculptures, he combines various structures, alternating shiny smooth surfaces with rough and grainy ones, and large robust forms with fine elaborated details. He subdues light and masters time, space and matter. From the very beginning, his sculptures have resonated a tantalizing contrast of the expressive and the lyrical, the real and the abstract. Attempts to define his artistic language frequently lead to limitations in signs deprived of details and even archetypes. Open: 10:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M until April 22. Closed on Mondays, Bratislava-Čunovo, Vodné dielo. More info:
EL LISSITZKY & ER SIKORA - The main intent of the double-exhibition metaphorically entitled El Lissitzky & eR Sikora is to retrieve and update the thoughts, ethos and artistic legacy of the Russian revolutionary avant-garde. The Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven, Netherlands, owner of an unprecedented collection of works of El Lissitzky, and the Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum in Bratislava-Čunovo have collaborated on an ambitious and unique project which combines – over time and space – two figures, two oeuvres, two visual and ideological worlds: the world famous master of the 20th century avant-garde, Constructivism and Suprematism, Lazar/El Lissitzky (1890 – 1941) and conceptualist Rudolf Sikora (1946), one of the major representatives of Slovak and Central European avant-garde. Open: 10:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M. until June 30. Closed on Mondays, Bratislava-Čunovo, Vodné dielo. More info:
Martina Matlovičová, Vladimír Král: Illustrations - Martina Matlovičová was born on Christmas Eve in 1975 in Bratislava and studied at the Academy of Performing Arts. She has won the following awards: The Most Beautiful Books of Slovakia (2001), the Golden Apple at the BIB 2009 (Bratislava, Tracyho tiger a Drevený tato / Tracy’s Tiger and the Wooden Dad), the Golden Ribbon 2010 (Prague, A pak se to stalo / And Then It happened; Chrochtík a Kvikalka na cestě za blýskavým prasátkem / Chrochtík and Kvikalka on the Road to a Shiny Piglet). Her illustrations are exhibited at home and abroad. Vladimír Král was born in 1974 in Bratislava. From 1994 to 1999 he studied at the Animation Department of the Film and TV Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. Since then he has worked as an illustrator, stage designer, director of animated TV spots and most recently as a painter. He was involved in creating puppet theater stage designs and spatial solutions at BIBIANA, the International House of Art for Children in Bratislava in the following puppet theater productions: Betlehémske rozprávky (Fairy Tales of Bethlehem, 1998) and Veľký primáš Baro (The Great First Violin, Baro, 2002). Open: 10:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M. Closed on Mondays. Bratislava-Čunovo, Vodné dielo. More info:
From the Academy to Nature. Forms of Landscape Painting in Central Europe 1860–1890 - This exhibition, organized jointly by the Slovak National Gallery and the Gallery of West Bohemia in Pilsen, is among the first efforts concentrating on the work by art personalities who moved between the Danube Monarchy and the visual art centres of that time, responding to the attraction of the plein-air landscape. Open: Monday: closed, Tuesday – Wednesday: 10.00 – 18.00, Thursday: 12.00 – 20.00, Friday – Sunday: 10.00 – 18.00, Esterházy’s Palace. More info:

Religious Services for non-Slovak speakers

SERVICE: Apostolic Church; Starts: Sundays, 9:30, Bratislava City Church, Trnavské mýto 1, English
SERVICE: Bratislava International Church, Starts: Sundays 10:00 English, Malý kostol, Panenská Street (entrance from Lýcejná Street)
SERVICE: Brotherhood Church (Cirkev bratská); Starts: Sundays 10:00, Cukrová 4, English
MASS: The Church of Saint Ladislav; Starts: Sundays 11:00, Špitálska, English
MASS: Church of St. John of Matha; Starts: Sundays 9:00 Latin
MASS: St. Martin’s Cathedral; Starts: Sundays 7:45 German, 9:00 Latin
MASS: Church of the Merciful Brothers; Starts: Sundays 11:30 Italian
SERVICE: Small Evangelical Church; Starts: Sundays 9:00 Hungarian, 10:00 English, 11:30 German, Malý kostol, Panenská Street (entrance from Lýcejná Street)
SERVICE: Citylight Church, Starts: Sundays 10:00 English, Námestie 1.mája 1
SERVICE: Bratislava International Fellowship, Starts: Sundays 10:00 English, Trnavské mýto 1, (Istropolis)
SERVICE: International Baptist Church; Starts: Sundays 10:00 English, Súľovská 2
JEWISH SERVICE: Synagogue on Heydukova Street; Starts: Friday evening (before twilight), Saturday morning (usually at 9:00), and during feasts, Hebrew

Highlights of the year

CONCERT: The Stanley Clarke Band; Starts: Apr 25, 19:00
CONCERT: Morcheeba; Starts: May 14, 20:00
CONCERT: Sting; Starts: Jun 30, 20:00
CONCERT: Alice Cooper; Starts: Sep 15, 20:00
CONCERT: Eros Ramazzotti; Starts: Oct 5, 2019
CONCERT: The Stanley Clarke Band – Four time nominated Grammy winner Stanley Clarke is one of the best players of electric and acoustic guitar in the entire world. Besides that, he is also a talented artist, composer, arranger, producer and film composer. At Spring Bratislava Jazz Days, he will play together with Beka Gochiashvili, Shariq Tucker, Cameron Graves and Salar Nader. Starts: Apr 25, 19:00, Atelier Babylon, Kolarska 3. Admission: €33-€55. More info:
CONCERT: Morcheeba - In a set with founding members, Skye Edwards and Ross Godfrey, together with the live band, Morcheeba will celebrate 20 years since the release of the breakthrough album Big Calm. Morcheeba performs a complete career crossover, not missing biggest hits like The Sea, Trigger Hippie, Blindfold or Rome Was Not Built in a Day. Starts: May 14, 20:00, Majestic Music Club, Karpatská 3089/2. Admission: €29.6. More info:
CONCERT: Sting - Sting: My Songs will be a rollicking, dynamic show focusing on the most beloved songs written by Sting and spanning the 16-time Grammy Award winner’s prolific career with The Police and as a solo artist. Fans can expect to hear “Englishman In New York,” “Fields Of Gold,” “Shape Of My Heart,” “Every Breath You Take,” “Roxanne,” “Message In A Bottle” and many more, with Sting accompanied by an electric rock ensemble. Starts: Jun 30, 20:00, Ondrej Nepela’s Winter Arena, Odbojárov 9, Bratislava. Admission: €64. More info:
CONCERT: Alice Cooper - The biggest horror show in rock music comes to Slovakia! Legendary Alice Cooper will perform next year with an exclusive concert. King of the horror shows and the shock-rock godfather will come out with a new show Ol Black Eyes is Back, Tour 2019. Starts: Sep 15, 20:00, Incheba Expo Arena, Viedenská cesta, Bratislava. Admission: €45-€666. More info:
CONCERT: Eros Ramazzotti – Italian pop-rock star Eros Ramazzotti has announced his world tour and also a new studio album. Slovaks can look forward to well-known songs such as Fuoco nel fuoco and Piu bella cosa, L’Aurora, Un‘ altra te, Dove c‘ é musica, Se bastasse una canzone. Starts: Oct 5, 2019, Ondrej Nepela’s Winter Stadium. Admission: €39-€79. More info:

Top stories

During the book festival BRaK, you'll be able to talk to many authors, publishers and more. (Illustrative photo)

Weekend: Read on! Bratislava book festival is here

Architecture days, Košice meet Bratislava, horse riding and more for the weekend of June 2 - 4.

2. jun
Jupiter (centre) and its Galilean moons: from left Ganymede, Io, Europa and Callisto. Juice with deployed antennas and arrays is in the bottom right.

From Košice to Ganymede: Slovak engineers are leaving their mark in space

Slovaks are active participants in two ongoing space missions.

20. may
Bikers might love the Hell's Angels get-together, but most people are being warned off. (Illustrative Photo)

News digest: Hell on wheels? US Embassy warns people to look out for bikers

Night shift and weekend supplements to rise (slightly), new train schedules, and NATO partnership.

2. jun
Záruby and Ostrý Kameň.

3 things to do in Bratislava for free in the next seven days

Come and enjoy the weekend of open parks and gardens or go on a hike with foreigners to Ostrý Kameň and Záruby.

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