Foreigners: Top 10 events in Bratislava

Tips for the top 10 events in the capital between July 5 and July 14, plus regular services in different languages, training, temporary exhibitions and highlights of the year.

The annual French Day takes place on July 12 on Bratislava's Main Square. The annual French Day takes place on July 12 on Bratislava's Main Square. (Source: The French Institute in Bratislava)

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Top 10

THEATRE: Summer Shakespeare festival 2019; Starts: July 5-August 4
CONFERENCE: TEDxBratislava 2019; Starts: July 5, 9:00 - 18:30
EVENT: Currants Devín; Starts: July 6, 10:00
EVENT: Japanese Day; Starts: July 6, 13:30
PARTY: Funk on the Danube; Starts: July 6, 22:00
PARTY: Hip Hop City with Fancy & Humaanö; Starts: July 6, 21:00 - 4:00
CONCERT: Ritchie Kotzen; Starts: July 8, 20:00
THEATRE: Bratislava Theatre Nights; Starts: July 10-13, 20:30
EVENT: French Day: Let's Celebrate a French Holiday Together!; Starts: July 12, 14:00 - 22:00
LGBT: Queer Beer; Starts: July 13, 20:00 - 1:00

Religious Services for non-Slovak speakers

Galleries in Bratislava: Temporary exhibitions

Training in English

Highlights of the year (selection of events for which it's advisable to obtain tickets early)

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TOP 10

Summer Shakespeare festival 2019

Bratislava castle, Bratislava, July 5-August 4

This year’s festival will bring the premiere production of "Romeo and Juliet" directed by Dodo Gombar, and the Slovak premiere of the Prague production of "Evening of the Three Kings, or anything you want", under the direction of Jana Klíčová. "The comedy of mistakes" directed by Roman Polák, after last year's sold out shows, will be on the program this year as well and after a one year break, you can see the play "Othello" for the last time.

More information:


Slovak National Theatre, Pribinova, Bratislava – Old Town, July 5, 9:00 – 18:30

Sixteen inspiring people will speak at the globally acclaimed TEDx conference to share their ideas. Four blocks of talks include curios-rash, take-give, never-now and heart-brain. Besides Slovak speakers, international ones will come, as well. For example, Dave Goulson knows how we can prevent an insect apocalypse, and Jordan Shapiro thinks parents should spend more time with their kids in front of the screen.

Admission: €79. For more information and how to buy a ticket, click here.

Currants Devín

Devin Castle, Muránská, Devín, Saturday, July 6, 10:00

The fourth year of the culinary event in the attractive historical part of Bratislava, Devín. It promotes the tradition of currant growing and the production of quality currant wine in Devín. In addition to selling and tasting red and black currants, as in the fruit itself, other forms of the fruit, such as jams, syrups, baked goodies, ice cream, and other currant goodies will be on sale.

Admission: free. More info:

Japanese Day

Various venues, Bratislava, Saturday, July 6, 13:30

The Embassy of Japan in the Slovak Republic is pleased to invite you to a unique event called "NATSUMATSURI 2019 - Japanese Day”, part of the Bratislava Cultural Summer and Castle Festival 2019. It is organized in cooperation with the Bratislava Cultural and Information Center and will be held at the Main Square and Old Town City Hall in Bratislava.


  • 13:30 Tea Ceremony (Tsutomu Takamatsu Sóuriki, Chado Urasenke Tankokai Vienna)
  • 14:00 Ikebana (Noriko Komiyama, Sogetsu School Teacher)
  • 14:45 Kicuke - Traditional Japanese Clothing (Teru Ogawa and Teruka Ogawa)
  • 15:15 Bonsai (Ján Lúdik, Bonsajcentrum Bratislava)
  • 15:45 Short stories about shogi and go (Lukáš Vyletel)
  • 16:15 Presentation of Japanese Shiba Inu breed (Shiba Inu Slovakia o. z.)

Accompanying program:

Bonsai exhibition (Bonsajcentrum Bratislava), table game shogi and go (SAŠO - Slovak Association of Shogi and Slovak Association of Go), shiba inu - photo opportunity (Shiba Inu Slovakia o. Z.), Calligraphy and origami and presentation stand of Gifu.


  • 17:15 Kagamiwari - Opening Ceremony
  • 17:30 Concert - Hudák Ensemble Vienna (Michal Hudák - violin, Kayoko Hudak - flute, Yukako Hiebner - viola, Marika Peham - cello)
  • 18:00 Presentation of the classic Japanese dance "kamigatamai" (Teru Ogawa, chief champion and head of Ogawa school)
  • 18:30 Karate, Aikido, Judo (Slovak Karate Union - ŠKK Bratislava, Kurilla Budokan, Patrónka and Judo Club Levice)

Funk on the Danube

KC Dunaj, Nedbalova 3, Bratislava, July 6, 22:00

DJ TASUN is a Bratislava-based DJ who has had some tracks put out on the British label Little Beat Different and the Spanish label Los Grandes rec. PHONOTIC's obsession is old funk music and vinyls. Both DJs will get people into the mood of funk, jazz, soul and disco music on the weekend.

Admission: €4. Tickets available at the venue only. More information on Facebook.

Hip Hop City with Fancy & Humaanö

Masquerade Club, Ventúrska 16, Bratislava – Old Town, July 6

Fans of Hip Hop, RnB, Reggaeton, Urban and Afrobeats won’t want to miss out on this weekend's party. French DJ Humaanö will play alongside his Slovak colleague and club resident Fancy.

Admission: free (before midnight), then €3 (ladies) and €6 (men). More information on Facebook. Reservations on +421 904 180 185.

Ritchie Kotzen

Majestic Music Club, Karpatská 2, Bratislava, July 8, 20:00

This American rock guitarist and singer from Pennsylvania has had a prolific solo career, but he achieved success also as a member of several bands, including The Winery Dogs, Poison and Mr. Big. He has put out two dozen albums, the last of which, Salting Earth, came out in 2017.

Admission: €25-30. For more information and tickets, click here.

Bratislava Theatre Nights

Old Town Hall (courtyard), Main Square, Bratislava-Old Town, July 10-13

Theatre will take over Bratislava this summer. Don Quixote and One More Miracle are two plays to be premiered at the Old Town Hall of Bratislava. Both performances will be accompanied with English subtitles.

Admission: €12 (student/pensioner) and €15 (basic). Tickets can be purchased here. More information on Facebook.

French Day: Let's Celebrate a French Holiday Together!

Main Square, Bratislava – Old Town, July 12, 14:00-22:00

Whether you love the French language or history of France, come join the celebrations of France in Bratislava. French Day will be held for the ninth time, not on July 14, which is a national holiday in France, but two days earlier. A French market, concerts, open day at the French Institute, and much more will be waiting for you.

Admission: free. More information here.

LGBT: Queer Beer

Tepláreň Café, Zámocká 30, Bratislava, July 13, 20:00-1:00

Summertime sadness should not exist. Is it all about meeting the right people, having fun and drinking prosecco? Turn up at Tepláreň Café to find your next summer love and let the bubbles float. Andree Deejay will be mixing the music. Who knows what will come?

Admission: free. More information here.

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TRAINING: Pilates in English; Starts: Every Monday evening, 20:30
TRAINING: Yoga in English on Thursdays; Starts: Every Thursday, 18:30
TRAINING: Yoga in English at Indian Embassy; Starts: Monday to Friday, 11:00, 16:00, 18:00
TRAINING: Pilates in English– The class is in English, suitable for men and women, beginners and advanced, Slovaks and foreigners. The venue is equipped with Pilates requisites, a shower and a kitchen. (you do not need to bring a mat). Andrea’s classes are a mix of Pilates exercises for a strong core and and flexible body, as well as yoga exercises for stretching stiff muscles caused by a sedentary lifestyle. Her classes end with the all-important relaxation of body and mind. She also uses highly qualitative essential oils (doTerra) during the class. Refreshments, tea, fruit are included in the price. Starts: Every Monday evening, 20:30; Open Mind centrum, Mickiewiczova 2. Admission: €8 (one-time charge). More info:
TRAINING: Yoga in English on Thursdays - You need to make reservation via This is a beginners & intermediate class and you do not need any pre-knowledge. We will practice Dynamic Flow yoga. Take a look at one of our sessions: Tea, water, fruit, showers are available to use for free. In these classes we will perform exercises that make us stronger, more flexible, obtain balance and have fun while doing it. Starts: Thursday 18:30; Open Mind Centrum, Mickiewiczova 2. Admission: €8 (one-time charge) or €59 for a 10 session ticket you can use within 12 weeks. More info:
TRAINING: Yoga in English at Indian Embassy - The Embassy of India in Bratislava is happy to announce the commencement of Yoga classes. The classes will be conducted by Ms. Jaiwanti, Yoga Teacher. The classes will cover Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation and Relaxation techniques. People interested in joining the Yoga Classes are requested to fill in the attached Registration Form. The Registration Form may then be sent to email: For any clarification/further information, you may contact Ms. Jaiwanti at Tel: +421-2-5296 2916/7/8 or email: Admission is free. Starts: Monday to Friday, 11:00, 16:00, 18:00, Dunajska 4, Bratislava. More info:

Temporary exhibitions

Far Away But Strangely Familiar until September 8
#INKBOOK until September 8
Fata Morgana until September 8
Land behind the Map. Amazing Art History with Professor Hamster
The Kornel and Naďa Földvári Library
Artist´s (Heavy) Luggage

Far Away But Strangely Familiar - This exhibition brings together 23 of the leading artists from the Philippines. The Philippines is not a tropical paradise though it has beautiful beaches and exceptionally welcoming people. A country invaded in turn by Moros, Portuguese, Spanish, British, Americans and Japanese it only became independent in 1946. It suffers from overpopulation, corruption and poverty. These are not, of course, problems unique to the Philippines. More info:
#INKBOOK - Audiences frequently perceive Petra’s work on two levels – one is full of merry illustrations which we know from books and magazines, and the second is found in the world of Instagram. The visuality of her Instagram sketches directly react to moments of the experienced, similar to the photos of many users of this network. The format only enhances the impression of photography – Petra uses classic Polaroid dimensions, but she captures her shots manually using alcohol-based markers which add a peculiar edge. More info:
Fata Morgana - Ján Zoričák is one of the most significant glass artists in Slovakia and France. He is also one of those exceptional art personalities of Slovak origin who has gained international recognition. He works in the difficult sector of glass design, which requires artistic vision and ability as well as the capacity to master the demanding technological processes and creativity to discover unconventional methods of working with glass. More info:
Land behind the Map. Amazing Art History with Professor Hamster - Amazing Art History with Professor Hamster is an interactive projection dedicated to the story of art history, prepared in cooperation with Prague colleagues (concept by Ondřej Horák, execution by Ondřej Fuczik, David Kakalík and INITI) and loosely based on their previous activities in the Czech Republic. The projection is designed for children interested in art history, as well as for lay and informed visitors who want to learn more. Telling the story of art, connected with a series of animated films devoted to the life and context of the work of a prominent Slovak, as well as world visual artists of the 20th century and the present, combines learning and entertainment. Open: Monday: closed, Tuesday – Wednesday: 10.00 – 18.00, Thursday: 12.00 – 20.00, Friday – Sunday: 10.00 – 18.00, Esterházy’s Palace. More info:
The Kornel and Naďa Földvári Library - The Kornel and Naďa Földvári Library is a project dedicated to Slovak writer, satirist, art and literary critic, book collector and translator, Kornel Földvári. Preparations started together with Peter Krištúfek, writer and director, who has searched for a method of preserving Földvári's large collection of books for a long time. Open: Monday: closed, Tuesday – Wednesday: 10.00 – 18.00, Thursday: 12.00 – 20.00, Friday – Sunday: 10.00 – 18.00, Esterházy’s Palace. More info:
Artist´s (Heavy) Luggage - Arnold Peter Weisz-Kubínčan (1898 - 1944) was born into a Jewish family in the town of Usch, Prussia. From 1913 to 1917 he studied sculpture at the School of Arts and Crafts in Budapest. After the war he continued his studies in Berlin, most probably at a private academy. In the Berlin of the 1920s he could be close to the expressionistic tendencies which suited his artistic nature. Weisz-Kubínčan is a unique figure in terms of our modern painting and drawing but also due to his mysticism. Open: Monday: closed, Tuesday – Wednesday: 10.00 – 18.00, Thursday: 12.00 – 20.00, Friday – Sunday: 10.00 – 18.00, Esterházy’s Palace until November 10. More info:

Religious Services for non-Slovak speakers

SERVICE: Apostolic Church; Starts: Sundays, 9:30, Bratislava City Church, Trnavské mýto 1, English
SERVICE: Bratislava International Church, Starts: Sundays 10:00 English, Malý kostol, Panenská Street (entrance from Lýcejná Street)
SERVICE: Brotherhood Church (Cirkev bratská); Starts: Sundays 10:00, Cukrová 4, English
MASS: The Church of Saint Ladislav; Starts: Sundays 11:00, Špitálska, English
MASS: Church of St. John of Matha; Starts: Sundays 9:00 Latin
MASS: St. Martin’s Cathedral; Starts: Sundays 7:45 German, 9:00 Latin
MASS: Church of the Merciful Brothers; Starts: Sundays 11:30 Italian
SERVICE: Small Evangelical Church; Starts: Sundays 9:00 Hungarian, 10:00 English, 11:30 German, Malý kostol, Panenská Street (entrance from Lýcejná Street)
SERVICE: Citylight Church, Starts: Sundays 10:00 English, Námestie 1.mája 1
SERVICE: Bratislava International Fellowship, Starts: Sundays 10:00 English, Trnavské mýto 1, (Istropolis)
SERVICE: International Baptist Church; Starts: Sundays 10:00 English, Súľovská 2
JEWISH SERVICE: Synagogue on Heydukova Street; Starts: Friday evening (before twilight), Saturday morning (usually at 9:00), and during feasts, Hebrew

Highlights of the year

CONCERT: Good Charlotte; Starts: Aug 13
CONCERT: Alice Cooper; Starts: Sep 15, 20:00
CONCERT: Eros Ramazzotti; Starts: Oct 5, 2019
CONCERT: Enrique Iglesias; Starts: Oct 31, 20:00
CONCERT: Diana Reeves; Starts: Nov 4, 19:00
CONCERT: Scorpions; Starts: Nov 20, 20:00

CONCERT: Good Charlotte - One of the most famous punk-rock bands - Good Charlotte - comes to Slovakia! Tickets will be sold on Friday, May 24, from EUR 34, exclusively through Lí Celebrity twins Benji and Joel Madden will perform with the band's original line-up consisting exclusively of the band's greatest career hits. Fans can enjoy top hits such as The River, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, The Anthem, I Don't Wanna Be in Love, Keep Your Hands of My Girl and more. Starts: August 13, Refinery Gallery, Vlčie hrdlo 54, Bratislava. Admission: €34. More info:
CONCERT: Alice Cooper - The biggest horror show in rock music comes to Slovakia! Legendary Alice Cooper will perform next year with an exclusive concert. King of the horror shows and the shock-rock godfather will come out with a new show Ol Black Eyes is Back, Tour 2019. Starts: Sep 15, 20:00, Incheba Expo Arena, Viedenská cesta, Bratislava. Admission: €45-€666. More info:
CONCERT: Eros Ramazzotti – Italian pop-rock star Eros Ramazzotti has announced his world tour and also a new studio album. Slovaks can look forward to well-known songs such as Fuoco nel fuoco and Piu bella cosa, L’Aurora, Un‘ altra te, Dove c‘ é musica, Se bastasse una canzone. Starts: Oct 5, 2019, Ondrej Nepela’s Winter Stadium. Admission: €39-€79. More info:
CONCERT: Enrique Iglesias - Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias returns after more than 10 years to Slovakia with his tour All The Hits Live. He will sing older hits such as Bailamos and Rhythm Divine, but also newer ones like Duele El Corazón, Subeme La Radio, El Baño. Starts: Oct 31, 20:00, Ondrej Nepela’s Winter Stadium. Admission: €89. More info:
Diana Reeves - American Diana Reeves is one of the greatest jazz vocalists in contemporary jazz music and talented scat singer. She played in Slovakia six years ago and returns to City Sounds Festival this November. Reeves has been awarded the Grammy several times for best jazz vocal performance by a female artist. Starts: Nov 4, 19:00, Istropolis - Big Hall. Admission: €29-€59. More info:
CONCERT: Scorpions – German rock band Scorpions returns to Slovakia after three years. They will play a selection of songs from their 50-year music career in their Crazy World Tour 2019. Visitors to the concert may look forward to hard rock but also famous rock ballads, songs like Rock You Like a Hurricane, Still Loving You, Send me an Angel and Wind of Change. Starts: Nov 20, 20:00, Ondrej Nepela’s Winter Stadium. Admission: €49-€69. More info:

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