Poll: Most people reject stricter abortion rules

Voters of parties that wanted to propose the law disagree with shortening the legal deadline for abortions.

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More than half of respondents do not agree with tightening the rules for abortions.

Namely, there has been a proposal to shorten the time a pregnant woman must undergo an abortion. The poll of the Focus agency conducted for the TV Markíza television has shown that more than half of those polled do not agree with such a change.

Today, a woman can undergo an abortion without giving a reason until the 12th week of pregnancy. Smer and SNS planned to make the rules for abortions stricter and shorten the time period to eight weeks but in the end, they abandoned their plans.

About 29.1 percent of respondents said that they definitely do not agree with toughening the legislation. Another 26.4 percent of respondents disagree.

About 11.6 percent agree with shortening the period for abortion and another 23 percent agree.

Smer and SNS voters disagree

The majority of Smer voters do not agree with making abortion stricter. 28.7 percent are definitely against, 12.3 percent. are definitely for.

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There was a similar situation among SNS voters. About 20 percent definitely do not agree with toughening the law and only 9.1 percent were definitely for.

Smer chairman Robert Fico said in mid-August on Facebook that the party will not offer its own proposal of the amendment to modify abortions.

In the law on family, he is also interested in adding a sentence to the constitution that children can only be adopted by a married couple. This would exclude adoptions of children by same-sex couples.

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