Former military intelligence boss acquitted of charges

The court claimed that it was not proven Roman Mikulec manipulated with classified information in an unauthorised way.

Roman MikulecRoman Mikulec (Source: TASR)

The Bratislava Regional Court found Roman Mikulec, former head of the now-defunct Military Intelligence Service (VSS), not guilty of the unauthorised disclosure of classified information.

The court dismissed the original ruling issued by the Bratislava III District Court from June 2018, which also acquitted Mikulec of charges. The first-instance court said in the ruling that no deed had happened. The regional court ruled that the deed happened, but there was no proof that Mikulec had committed it, the SITA newswire reported.

The ruling is valid.

Embezzlement reported

Mikulec was suspected of collecting documents classified as confidential in an unauthorised way. The police seized the documents in June 2013 during a car search.

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Mikulec was leading VSS during the rule of the Iveta Radičová government (2010-2012). At the time, the investigation into the embezzlement of VSS property started. He and his deputy, now deceased intelligence agent Vladimír Suchodolinský, wrote a report on the alleged embezzlement, which was later published.

Mikulec claimed that the micro-SD card with the documents was planted in his car, SITA wrote.

Substantiation corrupted

The judge of the first-instance court criticised in the original ruling the steps of the law enforcement bodies. For example, the police officers searching Mikulec’s car acted amateurishly since they touched the SD card with bare hands, which marred the substantiation.

Moreover, it was not proven that the documents can be linked to the accused, while the content of the documents was not found as interfering in the protected interests of Slovakia, the judge said.

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The appellate court said in this respect that the only thing proven was that the accused drove the vehicle in which the SD card was found, and that the card was found more than one year after Mikulec had been dismissed from the post of VSS head, SITA reported.

Responding to the verdict, Mikulec called the trial seven years of needless and absurd hardship. He added that he and Suchodolinský were among the first to point out how public finances are managed in Slovakia and what kind of people were nominated for important posts, as reported by SITA.

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