View the Tatras from the Goat's Back

The Goat Stone Peak of the Kozie Chrbty mountains offers a perfect view of the Tatras.

(Source: TASR)
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Huddling between the High and Low Tatras, the Kozie Chrbty, or Goat's Back Range, is a small and little known chain of mountains stretching from west to east along the southern edge of the Podtatranská kotlina basin. It is, however, far from unremarkable, as its location provides excellent views of the neighbouring peaks, Korzár Sme reports.

One of the best vistas is to be had from the highest summit of this range, the Kozí Kameň (Goat Stone) which stands at an altitude of 1,255 metres above sea level.

The view from its top to the central part of the High Tatras is breath-taking, especially in the autumn when the weather is sunny. You can spend hours here just observing the surroundings.

Kozí Kameň is accessible via a marked hiking trail from Lopušná Valley near Svit, or from Vikartovce and Spišská Teplica.

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