Police cameras and new hardware postponed. The Interior Ministry has to cancel the procurement

The ministry has appealed against the decision.

Interior Minister Denisa SakováInterior Minister Denisa Saková (Source: TASR)

The Interior Ministry has been ordered to cancel two big procurements, following the inspections of the Public Procurement Office (ÚVO).

The first concerns the planned purchase of 26,000 cameras for police, worth about €100 million.

Although there has been talk about the need to use the cameras for years to document police officers’ work and actions, particularly after the controversial 2013 raid in the Roma settlement in Moldava nad Bodvou (Košice Region), they will have to wait, the Denník N daily reported.

ÚVO has launched an inspection into the competition in July. It also issued a precaution, preventing the ministry from doing anything with the procurement, except for cancelling it.

In late September, ÚVO decided to cancel the procurement.

The Interior Ministry appealed the decision, Denník N wrote.

A problematic procurement

The Interior Ministry announced the tender last November. However, it has been accompanied with several vague and disputed steps. The ministry, for example, changed the parameters of cameras after the procurement began, Denník N wrote.

Moreover, the ministry did not accept the recommendation of ÚVO to divide the order into several smaller ones and specify the description of the order.

It has also failed to provide those interested in joining the competition with enough details, as the Let’s Stop Corruption Foundation has repeatedly said.

The purchase of hardware halted as well

Apart from the cameras, the ministry has to cancel the planned purchase of hardware, including servers and memory storage, worth €164 million excluding VAT.

The tender started last summer, with the ministry planning to buy hardware for the entire public administration, Denník N reported.

The ministry stated already last year that it had wanted to sign a framework agreement for four years with 10 successful bidders. This includes the companies Autocont, Datalan, eGroup Solutions, Slovak Telekom, Microcomp, Aliter Technologies, Tempest, Atos IT Solutions, Soitron and Asseco.

However, it could not sign the deal since the procurement was checked by ÚVO, which later decided to cancel it. The reasons have not been published yet.

The Interior Ministry has also appealed this decision, Denník N wrote.

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