The ways of love: Želiezovce and Kolárovo

The summer residence of the Eszterházy family and a romantic water mill. Discover places in Nitra Region.

The manor house in Želiezovce.The manor house in Želiezovce. (Source: One2We)

Influential dynasties and art. Eternal allies.

Italy's Florence had the House of Medici, the Fugger Family controlled German Augsburg. In a charming Renaissance manor house in Oponice, the Apponyi Family established the famous Biblioteka Apponiana with 30,000 works.

And Galanta, Austrian Eisenstadt, Hungarian Fertöd, and Želiezovce are connected through the Esterházy Family.

These powerful Hungarian aristocrats and audiophiles hosted Joseph Hayden, Franz Liszt and even Franz Schubert, "the most poetic musician of the 19th century" in their manor house in Želiezovce.

Where Schubert composed

Želiezovce is a small town two-hours from Bratislava by car and a 30-minute drive from Levice. The manor house was built in 1720 as a summer residence of the Esterházy Family, first in Baroque style, later rebuilt in Classicist style.

And here young Franz Schubert under the monumental ancient oak tree composed works for Caroline Esterházy, the younger daughter of the Duke Esterházy - his muse and platonic love.

Another Želiezovce native is Eduard Sacher, a founder of the famous Sacher Hotel in Vienna, where you stand in line not for a new iPhone, but to taste their delicious Sacher torte.

A charming wooden bridge

A one hour drive from Želiezovce, where the picturesque Little Danube flows into the longest Slovak river, the Váh, is Kolárovo.

This romantic place is reminiscent of The Bridges of Madison County.

Kolárovo is famous for its charming 86m long wooden bridge, the longest bridge in Europe made entirely of wood, which crosses the slow-moving, zigzagging Little Danube.

It's a coulisse for photographers, filmmakers, YouTubers, Influencers, romantic souls and the final port for sailors after boating the Little Danube.

The twilight gently reflects off the only boat mill in Slovakia and ripples the surface of the halázsle.

There the tones of Schubert's melancholic Opus Fantasia echo around the blazing fire and John Denver sings that "life is old, older than the trees, but younger than the mountains, blowing like a breeze".

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