Slovenská Pošta launches a user-friendly app in English

People can see, for example, how many people are queuing up at a post office.

A new mobile app introduced by Slovenská pošta enables, customers to get a queue number straight to their phoneA new mobile app introduced by Slovenská pošta enables, customers to get a queue number straight to their phone (Source: TASR)

Tracking parcels by phone, finding the nearest post office, and requesting a waiting ticket will now be easier for English-speaking residents in Slovakia.

Slovenská Pošta, the country’s main postal services operator, has launched a new app, both in Slovak and English, that is user-friendly, free, and works on both iOS and Android systems, the Sme daily reported.

The app cost €230,000, said Peter Helexa, head of the company.

In the future, Slovenská Pošta wants to add other services, including evening mail delivery and e-receipts for posting. As part of the future upgrade, the company also plans to introduce the possibility of requesting a specific time to visit to the post office.

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Track an item

Currently, a customer can display and track their order in the app if they choose Slovenská Pošta to deliver their package.

They have to sign in by entering their phone number or e-mail address. Thanks to this information, the firm will be able to pair an item with its recipient.

Customers will be able to see the history of their delivery and when it will be available to pick it up at the post office. Slovenská Pošta also added an option to forward an item to parcel lockers.

A queue number ticket

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In addition, customers can look up the post office that is closest to them and see its opening hours. At some post offices, it is nowadays possible to get a queue number ticket from a machine by the entrance.

By clicking on a post office in the app, customers can get a ticket number sent straight to their phone. They can also see how many people are in the queue and what service they are waiting for in the app.

This function is, however, only available in the case of the larger post offices where the machines that print the tickets are already in place.

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