Ex-fin min Počiatek does not deny authenticity of leaked video

Ján Počiatek said he wanted to save the state-run lottery.

Former finance minister Ján Počiatek served in the first Robert Fico government between 2006 and 2010Former finance minister Ján Počiatek served in the first Robert Fico government between 2006 and 2010 (Source: Sme)

Former finance minister Ján Počiatek, who served in the first Robert Fico government, has not denied the authenticity of a video in which he talks to former general prosecutor Dobroslav Trnka about the Tipos case, as reported by the Trend weekly on December 3.

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Počiatek, a finance minister for Smer from 2006 until 2010, asked Trnka in the video to “do some marketing” for his ministry in the €66 million case concerning the state-owned firm Tipos. The video was published by the Denník N daily on November 29.

“All steps we had taken were to save Tipos and minimise damage from the dispute, which had gone on for years,” he claimed in the statement. “And we succeeded.”

Tipos eventually paid €16 million to the shell company Lemikon in an out-of-court settlement on November 30, 2008. The long-running case ended in 2019 when the Supreme Court rejected Lemikon’s demand for further damages.

Trnka’s second appeal

Počiatek pointed out that he did not have any actual power to stop the payment of €66 million to the account of Cyprus-based Lemikon following the Supreme Court ruling in August 2008, against which Trnka filed an appeal.

Therefore, the government moved to amend the laws to allow the general prosecutor to suspend the enforceability of the court ruling. The parliament approved it a few months later, on November 28.

“All I wanted from the general prosecutor was to make it clear to the public that he acquired a new key power only after the law was amended,” Počiatek told Trend.

He added he wanted Trnka to clearly say that his first appeal had no suspensory effect on the court’s enforceable decision.

The former minister, who at first asked the media to publish the whole video and its author, described the whole situation revolving around the 2008 Tipos case in his reaction.

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