Slovaks trust police and justice system the least in the EU

Distrust in the Slovak police is the highest in the Union.

Slovakia's police force has scored poorly in the Eurobarometer survey from December 2019. The Slovak police are the least trusted in the EUSlovakia's police force has scored poorly in the Eurobarometer survey from December 2019. The Slovak police are the least trusted in the EU (Source: TASR)

The level of trust in the legal system, police and armed forces in Slovakia is the lowest it has been since the country entered the EU.

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The December 2019 published Eurobarometer survey, requested by the European Commission (EC), shows up to 72 percent of Slovak citizens do not trust the country’s legal system. Out of all EU member states, Slovakia recorded the second worst figure after Croatia, where 76 percent have no trust in the justice system.

“It is the worst outcome since 2004 when these surveys began to be carried out in Slovakia,” Transparency International Slovakia (TIS) pointed out on Facebook.

The figure of distrust in the legal system in Slovakia increased by 10 percent compared to the Eurobarometer data from spring 2019. Europeans’ distrust in the justice system currently stands at 45 percent on average.

Slovak police the most distrusted

Furthermore, the police force in Slovakia is the least trusted police force in the whole EU. Up to 55 percent of Slovaks do not trust the police.

“The bad results seem to be the aftermath of published communication between some judges, police officers, and prosecutors with Marian Kočner,” TIS added. Kočner stands accused in several cases, including the murder of journalist Ján Kuciak and his fiancée.

Slovakia is, in addition, the only EU country where mistrust in the police prevails over trust. At the same time, Slovak citizens have the least amount of trust in their army when compared to the rest of the European Union, the figure reaching 44 percent.

The data for the Eurobarometer was collected from November 15 to 26, 2019 by Kantar Slovakia. A total of 1,007 respondents were surveyed.

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