Documentary made by Slovak director will be screened at Berlinale

How would the world look if people did not dominate anymore?

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The new documentary by Slovak director Viera Čákanyová, called FREM, will be screened at the prestigious Berlinale film festival.

“The film was placed in the section known for the presentation of artistic innovative and experimental films from around the world,” said the documentary’s PR manager Ivana Schwarz, as quoted by the TASR newswire.

It is not the first time a Slovak film will be presented at Berlinale. For example, it screened Koza (Goat) by Ivan Ostrochovský in the past.

A person is not the main character

The main theme of the documentary is the question of how the world would look if people were not dominant anymore, for example, as the result of a climate catastrophe or the uncontrolled development of artificial intelligence.

“I wanted to create a film where the main character is not a human because humankind is approaching the edge of its ‘natural’ abilities,” Čákanyová said about her debut, as quoted by TASR.

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The set of FREM, which changed from the original documentary concept to dystopic science fiction, is set in the hostile white plains of Antarctica. It is the first Czech-Slovak feature film ever filmed there.

In Slovak cinemas from March

FREM received attention in summer during the Sarajevo Festival, where it gained the Docu Talents award for a significant film in development from the region of central and eastern Europe.

It will come to Slovak cinemas in March through the new distribution platform Film Expanded, which is focused on innovative distribution strategies. The screening will be connected with discussions in galleries and alternative spaces, such as Žilina’s New Synagogue.

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