Police investigate the parliament speaker's plagiarism

SNS leader Andrej Danko had already been interrogated.

Andrej DankoAndrej Danko (Source: SITA)

After almost a year and a half since the media published that the doctoral thesis of SNS chairman and Parliament's Speaker Andrej Danko from 2000 had been plagiarised, the Banská Bystrica police are investigating the case.

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Danko had already been interrogated, the Denník N daily reported. No charges have been pressed yet, the police just confirmed that a criminal prosecution has been launched.

Denník N first broke the story in November 2018, after it analysed the text of another thesis that they found to be identical to that of Danko, including misspellings. This thesis was written by Daniel Pisák, a Bratislava-based attorney, and submitted one year after Danko's.

Eventually, the ad hoc commission that Matej Ben University put together to inspect Danko's thesis found that he had just compiled it from the texts of five textbooks.

The JUDr. degree, which Danko received based on the plagiarised thesis, is not an equivalent to a doctoral degree as known in the Anglophone academic world: a PhD. It can be granted to a person who holds a master’s degree or its equivalent in law and successfully defends a doctoral thesis (Rigorosum) and passes an exam. In that sense it is much less rigorous than obtaining a PhD, which takes three to five years of full-time doctoral studies.

Danko faced repeated calls to step down following the revelations about his thesis. The parliament also held a no-confidence vote that he survived.

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