Foreigners: Top 10 events in Bratislava

Tips for the top 10 events in the capital between February 14 and February 23, plus regular services in different languages, training, temporary exhibitions and highlights of the year.

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TOP 10

DINNER: Romantic dinner at RIVERBANK Restaurant; Starts: Feb 14, 18:00
DINNER: St. Valentine's Day in the cloud; Starts: Feb 14, 17:00, 20:00
CONCERT: The Backwards - Beatles Valentine; Starts: Feb 15, 17:00
DANCE: Swing Valentine; Starts: Feb 15, 20:00
CONCERT: The World of Hans Zimmer; Starts: Feb 16, 20:00
EVENT: Folk crafts; Starts: Feb 18, 8:30
CONCERT: Moritz Weiß Klezmer Trio; Starts: Feb 18, 18:00
FILM: Kino Fest Anča; Starts: Feb 18, 19:00
PARTY: International Student Festival; Starts: Feb 21, 23:45
CONCERT: Saxophobia Gala Concert; Starts: Feb 22, 19:00

Religious Services for non-Slovak speakers

Galleries in Bratislava: Temporary exhibitions

Training in English

Highlights of the year (selection of events for which it's advisable to obtain tickets early)

TOP 10

Romantic dinner at RIVERBANK Restaurant

RIVERBANK Restaurant, Dvořákovo nábrežie, Bratislava, Friday, February 14, 18:00

Come to a romantic dinner with your beloved one. You can choose from 2 menus (classic and vegetarian). Every couple will get heart-shaped pralines and every lady will get a rose as a gift. Admission: €35 (vegetarian) or €65 (classic) per person. More info:



St. Valentine's Day in the cloud

UFO. Watch. Taste. Groove., Most SNP, Petržalka, Friday, February 14, 17:00-19:30, 20:00

A five-course dinner served at UFO tower in Bratislava with a view on the capital city at night. There are two possible times to book. Cost: €90 (for the first, time-limited booking), €110 (for the second booking). More info:



The Backwards - Beatles Valentine

Teatro Wüstenrot, Dom odborov - ISTROPOLIS, Trnavské mýto, Nové Mesto, Saturday, February 15, 17:00

Experience the amazing 60s atmosphere with The Backwards, directly on Valentine's Day. This revival band will perfectly romanticize you. Take your beloved half and come have fun. Admission: €20-€24. More info:

Swing Valentine

Námestie SNP 12, Bratislava, Saturday, February 15, 20:00

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with dancing. The swing orchestra Fats Jazz Band will play authentic hot jazz and swing music. There will also be the opportunity to learn, for free, the basic steps of the Charleston from teachers of the B-Swing dancing school. Admission: €10-€15. More info:

The World of Hans Zimmer

Zimný štadión Ondreja Nepelu, Odbojárov, Nové Mesto, Sunday, February 16, 20:00

Oscar, Grammy and Golden Globe holder Hans Zimmer is the curator and music director of the show. However, he is not touring alone but has invited a number of renowned soloists. The Concert Tour “The World of Hans Zimmer - A Symphonic Celebration” reaps triumphant successes around the world. It's a groundbreaking Hans Zimmer tour, in a different form. The show will be led by Gavin Greenaway - the conductor of the soundtrack, whom Hans Zimmer has said he trusts more than himself. Admission: €49-€149. More info:

Folk crafts

Obchodná 64, Bratislava, Tuesday, February 18, 8:30-16:00

ÚĽUV Bratislava regional center of crafts is putting on a craft workshop for children from the age of 8-15 years during spring break 2020.

Children will test their skills and become familiar with traditional crafts, such as weaving and glass painting, and make their own products. The activity is without lunch.

Activities will be also carried out at the Regional Craft Centers of ÚĽUV in Bratislava, Banská Bystrica and Košice. More info:

Moritz Weiß Klezmer Trio

Rakúske kultúrne fórum, Hodžovo námestie, Bratislava, Tuesday, February 18, 18:00

Bring traditional sound to new robes: Moritz Weiß (clarinet, bass clarinet, singing) and his colleagues Niki Waltersdorfer (guitar, percussion, singing) and Maximilian Kreuzer (double bass, singing) continue with klezmer music. The trio, created in 2015, builds a bridge between the past and the present and, invigorating Jewish musical tradition, combines musical forms and styles of different periods.

More info:

Kino Fest Anča, Námestie SNP, Bratislava, Tuesday, February 18, 19:00

Best of Anča 2019 is a collection of awarded animated short films from the Fest Anca international festival. You will see the best of four categories awarded by the jury. Admission: €5-€12. More info:

International Student Festival

Great club - best club in Bratislava, Suché mýto, Bratislava, Friday, February 21, 23:45

Come to this huge festival, which will bring all local and international students together. This is a great opportunity to meet new friends. Get ready for the biggest night out! Admission: €3.50-€7.50. More info:

Saxophobia Gala Concert

Mirror Hall in Primacial Palace, Bratislava, Saturday, February 22, 19:00

Saxophobia Gala Concert is a concert dedicated to the saxophone as an instrument of classical music. Performers are foreign teachers of international master classes Saxophobia Bratislava 2020. Performers: Philippe Portejoie (France), Paweł Gusnar (Poland), Erzsebet Seleljo (Hungary), Michal Knot (Austria), Kateřina Pavlíková (Czechia), Ladislav Fanzowitz (Slovakia). Admission: €10. More info:

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TRAINING: Pilates in English; Starts: Every Monday evening, 20:30
TRAINING: Yoga in English on Thursdays; Starts: Every Thursday, 18:30
TRAINING: Yoga in English at Indian Embassy; Starts: Monday to Friday, 11:00, 16:00, 18:00
TRAINING: Pilates in English– The class is in English, suitable for men and women, beginners and advanced, Slovaks and foreigners. The venue is equipped with Pilates requisites, a shower and a kitchen. (you do not need to bring a mat). Andrea’s classes are a mix of Pilates exercises for a strong core and and flexible body, as well as yoga exercises for stretching stiff muscles caused by a sedentary lifestyle. Her classes end with the all-important relaxation of body and mind. She also uses highly qualitative essential oils (doTerra) during the class. Refreshments, tea, fruit are included in the price. Starts: Every Monday evening, 20:30; Open Mind centrum, Mickiewiczova 2. Admission: €8 (one-time charge). More info:
TRAINING: Yoga in English on Thursdays - You need to make reservation via This is a beginners & intermediate class and you do not need any pre-knowledge. We will practice Dynamic Flow yoga. Take a look at one of our sessions: Tea, water, fruit, showers are available to use for free. In these classes we will perform exercises that make us stronger, more flexible, obtain balance and have fun while doing it. Starts: Thursday 18:30; Open Mind Centrum, Mickiewiczova 2. Admission: €8 (one-time charge) or €59 for a 10 session ticket you can use within 12 weeks. More info:
TRAINING: Yoga in English at Indian Embassy - The Embassy of India in Bratislava is happy to announce the commencement of Yoga classes. The classes will be conducted by Ms. Jaiwanti, Yoga Teacher. The classes will cover Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation and Relaxation techniques. People interested in joining the Yoga Classes are requested to fill in the attached Registration Form. The Registration Form may then be sent to email: For any clarification/further information, you may contact Ms. Jaiwanti at Tel: +421-2-5296 2916/7/8 or email: Admission is free. Starts: Monday to Friday, 11:00, 16:00, 18:00, Dunajska 4, Bratislava. More info:

Temporary exhibitions

Pasta Oner: The Brotherhood of Eternal Love
Robert Hromec: Falling Comet
Simona Čechová: Islands of Colours
Anna Daučíková. Work in Progress: 7 Situations

Pasta Oner: The Brotherhood of Eternal Love - The work of Pasta Oner presents an original, ironic commentary on contemporary popular culture. Pasta Oner’s traditional themes of obsession with money, sex, religion, luxury goods and the consumerist notions of beauty are translated into new contexts characterised by the technologisation of life, the increasing speed of information and the short attention-span aesthetics of today’s culture. It is into this world, of which Pasta – like all of us – is a part, that he brings his engaged art. His work shows both sides of hell and of ourselves. The interweaving of the concepts of good and bad and triviality and seriousness is the key to Pasta’s thought, which surprises us with the blatant delicacy of an endlessly extending arch, a somewhat pathetic Divine Comedy. Opening Hours: 10:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M. Closed on Mondays, Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum, Bratislava-Čunovo, Vodné dielo. More info:
Robert Hromec: Falling Comet - Motifs related to Time Capsule and Falling Comet are the main interpretations of Robert Hromec’s exhibition at the Danubiana. Thus, it is only natural that the title Falling Comet arises from the artist’s current work, where his individual artistic expressions recording chaos versus cosmos are foremost. In these works, we can feel his search for human and artistic time-space. He finds and depicts it in unconventional techniques on aluminum plates, through the two-dimensional painting of active entries, which are engraved, and milled geometric elements in the form of specific structural surfaces or spatial reliefs. In this marvelous chaos and cosmic space, lines, circles and spirals encounter parts of human figures, arms and profiles of faces which are depicted in detail, blowups or multiplications of human silhouettes. Opening Hours: 10:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M. Closed on Mondays, Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum, Bratislava-Čunovo, Vodné dielo. More info:
Simona Čechová: Islands of Colours - Simona’s professional combination and initial indecisiveness have a positive impact on her even today. Her work does not carry a clear and well-established style; she can transform it as she strives to truly understand the most suitable path to follow. She is an excellent listener and responsibly approaches every illustration assignment, communicating it flawlessly both internally and externally. The bipolarity of Simona’s work may catch the eye of spectators when looking at her broad portfolio. This is represented by the dual nature of her work – analogue and digital, each supported by its inherent poetics. Opening Hours: 10:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M. Closed on Mondays, Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum, Bratislava-Čunovo, Vodné dielo. More info:

Anna Daučíková. Work in Progress: 7 Situations - This solo exhibition by Anna Daučíková (b. 1950 in Bratislava) presents her work as glass artist, painter, photographer, and performance and video artist. As the title implies, this is no retrospective exhibition looking back on her finished work. The challenge is to show a selection of her complete and preserved pieces in a mutual relationship and connection with pieces she is now developing, along with others that she has yet to rework, finish, or otherwise create during the exhibition's run. Open: Monday: closed, Tuesday – Wednesday: 10.00 – 18.00, Thursday: 12.00 – 20.00, Friday – Sunday: 10.00 – 18.00, Esterházy’s Palace. More info:

Religious Services for non-Slovak speakers

SERVICE: Apostolic Church; Starts: Sundays, 9:30, Bratislava City Church, Trnavské mýto 1, English
SERVICE: Bratislava International Church, Starts: Sundays 10:00 English, Malý kostol, Panenská Street (entrance from Lýcejná Street)
SERVICE: Brotherhood Church (Cirkev bratská); Starts: Sundays 10:00, Cukrová 4, English
MASS: The Church of Saint Ladislav; Starts: Sundays 11:00, Špitálska, English
MASS: Church of St. John of Matha; Starts: Sundays 9:00 Latin
MASS: St. Martin’s Cathedral; Starts: Sundays 7:45 German, 9:00 Latin
MASS: Church of the Merciful Brothers; Starts: Sundays 11:30 Italian
SERVICE: Small Evangelical Church; Starts: Sundays 9:00 Hungarian, 10:00 English, 11:30 German, Malý kostol, Panenská Street (entrance from Lýcejná Street)
SERVICE: Citylight Church, Starts: Sundays 10:00 English, Námestie 1.mája 1
SERVICE: Bratislava International Fellowship, Starts: Sundays 10:00 English, Trnavské mýto 1, (Istropolis)
SERVICE: International Baptist Church; Starts: Sundays 10:00 English, Súľovská 2
JEWISH SERVICE: Synagogue on Heydukova Street; Starts: Friday evening (before twilight), Saturday morning (usually at 9:00), and during feasts, Hebrew

Highlights of the year

EVENT: Maluma World Tour; Starts: Feb 26, 20:00
CONCERT: Mireille Mathieu; Starts: Mar 10, 20:00
CONCERT: Kenny Barron & Dave Holland Trio; Starts: Mar 17, 2020
CONCERT: Roxette in Memoriam Tour; Starts: Apr 22, 20:00
CONCERT: Alvaro Soler; Starts: May 29, 2020
CONCERT: André Rieu; Starts: Jun 10; 20:00
CONCERT: Lenny Kravitz; Starts: July 1, 2020

EVENT: Maluma World Tour – Maluma will visit Slovakia within his world tour. Many consider him as one of the leading personalities of latin music. His newest album, F.A.M.E. gained a Latin Grammy in the category of current pop albums. Starts: Feb 26, 20:00, Winter Stadium of Ondrej Nepela. Admission: €39-€89. More info:
CONCERT: Mireille Mathieu - The Queen of French chanson will perform in Bratislava again. Mireille Mathieu will not miss a chance to perform in Slovakia, where her all concerts have been sold out every time.
Starts: Mar 10, 20:00, Axa Arena NTC Bratislava. Admission: €49-€199.
More info:
CONCERT: Kenny Barron & Dave Holland Trio – Kenny Barron belongs among the most influential jazz pianists with impersonations of traditional and conservative forms of jazz. He exceptionally understands with Dave Holland who impersonates everything that could be imagined under the words modern jazz. These musicians are rarely in Slovakia, so do not miss the unique chance to see them live. Starts: Mar 17, 2020, Slovak Radio, Mýtna 1, Bratislava. Admission: €20-€40. More info:
CONCERT: Roxette in Memoriam Tour – At the end of 2019, the world learned that one of the most significant voices of the music scene, belonging to singer Roxette Marie Fredriksson, left this world forever. The official tribute band Roxette Ultimate Tribute is going on a European tour called Roxette in Memoriam Tour 2020 in honour of Marie Fredriksson. Within the tour, they will stop in Bratislava. Starts: Apr 22, 20:00, Atelier Babylon. Admission: €35-€42. More info:
CONCERT: Alvaro Soler - Fantastic news for Alvaro Soler's Slovak fans - on the 29th of May next year Alvaro will take his incredibly successful Mar de Colores Europe Tour to Slovakia, where he'll deliver a great concert at the AXA Arena NTC in Bratislava. Starts: May 29, 2020, AXA Arena NTC in Bratislava. Admission: €40-€50. More info:
CONCERT: André Rieu – André Rieu, the musician named as the modern “King of Waltz” will play a concert in 2020 in Bratislava. He will perform together with the 60-member Johann Strauss Orchestra, the biggest private orchestra in the world. Starts: Jun 10; 20:00, Winter Stadium of Ondrej Nepela. Admission: €65-€125. More info:
CONCERT: Lenny Kravitz - The multi-talented singer, musician and actor, Lenny Kravitz, has announced his upcoming tour called “Here to Love” Tour 2020. The native of New York will perform for the Slovak audience on July 1, 2020 at the Ondrej Nepela Ice Stadium in Bratislava. The biggest hits of Kravitz's career will be played, such as American woman, Fly away, I belong to you, Ain't over til it's over, and Again, as well as fresh songs. Starts: July 1, 2020, 20:00, Winter Stadium of Ondrej Nepela. Admission: €59-€84. More info:

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