Bratislava trams go as far as Dúbravka again

Work on tram tracks will resume in May, this time closer to the city centre.

The tram is back on track to Dúbravka.The tram is back on track to Dúbravka. (Source: TASR)

Tram transport has resumed on the stretch of the reconstructed tram line from Karlova Ves to Dúbravka after a dispute between Bratislava city council and the private owner of a plot of land below the tram technical facilities was settled. Tram service number 4 has been fully operational since Saturday, February 22.

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Trams on this route run at four minute intervals during peak hours and every five minutes beyond peak hours during working days and 7.5-minute intervals during weekends.

“The new track is quieter and has better parameters,” said Ľuboš Kasala from the traffic service Zelená Vlna of the public broadcaster RTVS. “It is one of the tracks that corresponds to the 21st century.”

Four-phase reconstruction

The long-awaited reconstruction of the tram track from the city centre to the boroughs of Karlova Ves and Dúbravka, the so-called Dúbravsko-Karloveská radial, started last June. The price tag for the whole project is €65.1 million including VAT, while the refurbishment itself is divided into four phases.

The first and second phases included reconstruction of the tram track from the Molecova tram stop via Karlova Ves borough up to the terminal stop in Dúbravka.

The remaining two phases of the track reconstruction will take place this year and should be completed by September. These will include reconstruction of the tracks from the Kapucínska tram stop to the stop at Chatam Sofer and from the tunnel via Castle Hill up to the Molecova tram stop. Work is planned to start in May and should be complete by September 2020.

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