Environmentalists counted bats at Železná studnička

They do not want to be disturbed.

(Source: Sme)

Environmentalists counted 18 bats at Železná studnička. The current winter is also reflected in the composition of bat species, said Michal Noga from the NGO Saola – nature protection.

“In the Small Carpathians, there are drifts and caves where 200 or 300 bats are in one place,” he said, as quoted by the TASR newswire. “Overall, there are sometimes more than 1,000 bats in the Small Carpathians in winter but there are no results for this year yet.”

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Warm enough to sleep in trees

Military bunkers at Železná studnička are where they spend the winter in the dark and quiet. Environmentalists marked the species as the lesser horseshoe bat and the brown long-eared bat.

“We did not find the species that enter the underground during the strong freeze,” Noga said. “They probably spend the winter in tree hollows."

Keep silence

Bats are sensitive to disturbance during sleep. Repeated waking up costs a lot of strength missing till spring.

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“It is possible that weaken individuals will die in the spring or they would not return to those places next winter,” he explained, as quoted by the TASR.

They closed the most important localities due to this reason. Environmentalists have been counting bats at Železná studnička since 1996.

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