Coronavirus in Slovakia: 2,848 new cases confirmed (graphs)

The total number of cases has exceeded 306,000.

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*This graph does not include the new cases that were identified with antigen tests during the mass testing that took place on October 31-November 1, and on November 7-8.

2,848 people were positively diagnosed with the coronavirus disease in Slovakia on February 26, the total number increased to 306,268.

Altogether 7,075 people have died, according to the data from the National Health Information Centre. The total number of inactive cases (i.e. people who have recovered from Covid-19 with or without symptoms, and for whom 2-4 weeks have passed since they have received a positive test result or 6 weeks if they were hospitalised with Covid) amounted to 396,963 in the eighth week of 2021.

The laboratories have carried out a total of 2,037,732 PCR tests, 15,731 of which were carried out on February 26. They also performed 268,535 new antigen tests, 2,795 were positive. The total number of antigen tests amounted to 12,650,523 and 277,245 in total were positive.

Slovakia's authorities release the testing results as of midnight the previous day every morning. Starting on March 27, also private labs are involved in testing samples for the coronavirus.

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