Alternative taxi services deliver food instead of people

Coronavirus prevents taxis from taking people, so they are looking for new services.

Taxi services offer food deliveries. Taxi services offer food deliveries. (Source: Sme)

After the government banned taxi services from transporting people due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic as of mid March, they have switched to delivering fresh groceries and meals from restaurants. The alternative taxi Bolt has launched Bolt Food service in Bratislava and Hopin also offers a delivery service, delivery of meals as well as purchase and shipping of basic food. The priority remains the safety of clients as well as drivers.

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“Bolt has thousands of customers across Slovakia and food delivery has already been the biggest request for some time,” said Roman Sysel, regional manager of Bolt for central Europe, as cited by the SITA newswire. “Infrastructure and experiences that we have built in our global business in the field of transport of people have provided us with a good background for the extension of this service in Bratislava.”

The first country, where Bolt launched its food service was Estonia, on March 19. The service is also available in Latvia and Lithuania. It is completely contactless as the driver leaves the ordered meal at a place chosen by the client.

In Bratislava, Bolt delivers meals from more than 50 restaurants and the first three kilometres are free.

To use this service, clients need to install the Bolt Food app. With this they can see the list of restaurants from which they can order meal and the menu. Prior to confirming the order, the app will show the price and the estimated time of the delivery.

So far Burger King, Pizza Hut and Nordsee and the shops Malina and NÁKUPcheck are on the list. The alternative taxi service is promising to extend this.

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