Easter with the coronavirus: Gov't to further limit movement for six days

Meeting relatives and friends is not advised, but outings into nature within one's own district will be allowed.

(Source: TASR)

The Easter holidays will see tighter measures over the movement of people. For six days, people will only be allowed to leave home for certain purposes.

"I trust people will be responsible," PM Igor Matovič said as he announced the measures.

The decision came from Sunday's talks between the crisis staff and the council of experts who were invited to participate in the decision. The team consisted of the country's top infectologists and experts in other fields of medicine. Former health minister Andrea Kalavská, who is an expert on tropical medicine, was chosen to put together the team that the government entered into discussions with.

No usual Easter visits

Based on their recommendation, the government will pass legislation on the limitation of the free movement of people, which effectively bans people from moving around. It will apply from April 8 at 7:00 in the morning until April 13.

The following exceptions will apply: getting to and from work, shopping, visiting the doctor's, taking care of relatives or helping neighbours, funerals, and outings into nature but only within the district that one lives in.

"The aim of the measures is to avoid unnecessary travel, meetings of people, and thus avoid infecting our relatives and friends," the premier said.

PM Igor Matovič had pondered a complete ban on movement during Easter. A lockdown of Bratislava was one of the proposals that were considered.

Do not travel

Bratislava, as the country's capital, is the centre of business life in the country. Many people who live and work in Bratislava would normally travel to their hometowns around the country. Easter is a family holiday for most Slovaks.

"On behalf of the experts, I very much thank the Slovak nation for how responsible they are being," Kalavská told the Sunday night press conference. She reiterated that the measures came fast in Slovakia and people have been disciplined and responsible, which is why the development of the infection in Slovakia has been favourable.

She stressed it was important to continue adhering to the measures that the government announces.

"We call on all the people to maintain their habits as they have so far, but we call on them very much not to travel to visit their relatives," she stressed.

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