Coronavirus measures in Slovakia: Some planned surgeries will proceed again

Government will introduce its plan for opening shops next week.

Igor MatovičIgor Matovič (Source: TASR)

PM Igor Matovič announced that some necessary planned surgeries will proceed again. He informed about it at his April 14 press conference.

All planned surgeries had been postponed as hospitals were preparing for the coronavirus outbreak in Slovakia.

Now hospitals will re-start operating on patients whose condition requires surgeries. The performance of surgeries will depend on the health conditions of the patients.

“We would like to reward ill people for their responsible behaviour,” the prime minister told the media.

Matovič also announced that on Monday, April 20, the government will introduce a precise plan on which shops and under what conditions will they be allowed to open.

He emphasised that public health experts rather than economists will decide on opening shops.

Matovič has been somewhat opposed to easing the measures for businesses, stressing that public health was of utmost importance to him. On the other hand, Economy Minister Richard Sulík has been calling for opening more shops and partially restarting the national economy.

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