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Shops no longer have to stay closed on Sundays

Epidemiologists are lifting more measures.

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Epidemiologists and PM Igor Matovič announced on Friday, June 19 that they plan on lifting more measures.

The epidemiologists decided that shops do not have to be closed on Sundays anymore as of Saturday, June 20. Sundays were meant to be used as disinfection days. After criticism that shops should decide when they disinfect, the epidemiologists decided to lift the measures. However, epidemiologist Henrieta Hudečková, who is part of the consilium that decides on the measures, reminded that shops are still obliged to disinfect their spaces, according to the operation rules that each shop has.

Other changes as of Saturday, June 20:

-The list of safe countries will be extended by Poland, Montenegro, Monaco and Faroe Islands.

-Public offices, authorities, swimming pools and wellness centres will no longer have to measure visitors' temperatures.

-In churches, it will be possible to accept communion by hand. Later, people will be allowed to a accept it by mouth.

-Hand-dryers, which were forbidden, will be permitted.

-The obligation of taxi services to transport customers on the back seat only will change to a recommendation.

-Employees whose jobs require physical contact with their customers (ie. physiotherapists) will not be obliged to wear a protective shield or protective glasses anymore. Employees of swimming pools and wellness centres will not have to wear masks.

-At artificial swimming pools, attractions that generate aerosols will be functional again. The obligation to ensure a distance of two metres from others at relaxation zones is now just a recommendation.

-Shops that had to have a register of customers and keep it for 30 days do not have to do so anymore.

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-Schools can be opened and students no longer have to wear masks.

Some other measures that were valid will be cancelled. Mass events above 1,000 participants are allowed if it is possible to seat visitors in so-called chessboard seating from July 1. This applies, for example, to sports events. The maximum number of visitors allowed is 50 percent of the capacity of the seats.

Other events of up to 1,000 participants will be allowed from July 1; organisers will be obliged to prove the number of participants if required by the Public Health Authority.

From July 1, marathons can be organised, the conditions of which will be specified.

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