New murals in Prievidza will transport its inhabitants to the past

Artist from Handlová started to paint pictures based on period photos on a block of flats in Zapotôčky four years ago.

Ivan JakušovskýIvan Jakušovský (Source: TASR)

Mariánsky vŕšok (hill), Zlatá Ulička (Golden Street) and former Elisabeth Square are the artistic decorations of the chosen walls of a block of flats in the Zapotôčky borough in Prievidza. The Trenčín region offers more hidden gems, discover with our Trenčín travel guide.

Traipse through a region tangled in tales of romance, torture and prestige with the Trenčín Region Travel Guide. Traipse through a region tangled in tales of romance, torture and prestige with the Trenčín Region Travel Guide.

The painting will transport citizens to the town a century younger. Its author, street art artist Ivan Jakušovský, is finishing the last one picturing the train station.

The painting of seven scenes of old Prievidza started four years ago on the blocks of flats in Zapotôčky.

“The idea came about four years ago. When I was painting in the surroundings by coincidence, one man – a caretaker of the block of flats that was the first in the series – came to see me,” said Jakušovský, as quoted by the TASR newswire. “There, people learn everything and pay everything on their own, I just arrived to make it come true.”

Walk in old Prievidza

Citizens chose the motif of old Prievidza. “These are the places that inhabitants of Prievidza visit the most often, or have the best memories of them,” the artist said for TASR. “These are literally postcards for them. It is a gallery for people. I painted the pictures in real size or over life-size, so they seem melancholy from a certain distance.”

The scenes are painted by a combined technique, using a roller, acrylic and sprays, while he kept the sepia appearance of the old photos on the walls.

Inhabitants and visitors of the town can recognise two various views of Elisabeth Square, today Freedom Square, Golden Street and Mariánsky Hill.

“The first painting starts and opens the whole street,” noted Jakušovský for TASR. “Here, you will come by train to the station in Prievidza 100 years ago and take a walk in Prievidza,” he added.

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Slovak history on block of flats

Jakušovský said that the 450 square metres has the biggest painted area in Slovakia about history.

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74-year-old Mária Svitková likes the idea of a gallery on the blocks of flats. “I like it very much. I remember old houses, old Prievidza, when we used to go on pilgrimages. There should be something from old Prievidza on every block of flats,” she noted, as quoted by TASR.

The artist from Handlová has been doing street art for a long time. He has lived in all continents except Australia and Antarctica, and earned his living by doing portraits. It is possible to see his art in Banská Bystrica, Žilina, the High Tatras and Zvolen.

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