Roundup: Bees housed on Bratislava roof; Hossa becomes a living legend

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Beekeeper Róbert Kňažko looks after bees on a Bratislava roof in late June of 2020Beekeeper Róbert Kňažko looks after bees on a Bratislava roof in late June of 2020 (Source: TASR)
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The Bratislava City Hall, in cooperation with the Crazy Honeybee project, has placed beehives containing about 120,000 bees on its roof. Beekeeper Róbert Kňažko (in the picture) takes care of city bees. Due to the mosaic nature of the environment, cities have great potential to support biodiversity and allow bees to thrive in urban environments. Photo: TASR.


1| Summer experiences in the Tatras

Cable cars in the Tatras have been put back into operation as the summer returns. In addition to hiking, tourists can also enjoy boating and mountain carts.

2| Trip outside Košice: Háj Falls

The waterfalls can be found in the village of Háj, about 40 minutes by car from Košice. It is part of the Slovak Karst National Park.

3| A Trenčín bench people need to sit down on

The city has its own castle and a lovely Old Town. Moreover, visitors can reach the forest straight from the town centre, but a bench on Peace Square is a must.

4| Tricklandia’s Mystery Exhibition

The new folklore-promoting project, co-created by artist Miroslav Matuščin, is composed of a painting that changes right in front of visitors, depending on the light that shines on the piece of art.

5| The Gothic Route of Slovakia

The first route of its kind in the country presents tourists with intriguing gems from the Spiš and Gemer regions. Gothic art in the form of altars and table paintings are, moreover, among the richest in Europe.

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As the world goes back to the “new normal”, so does Slovakia. Cultural institutions and centres have planned plenty of events for the summer. Pick out your favourite one for the month of July from the list below.

July events: Cycle tours, film screenings and wine-tasting Read more 


Slovak ice-hockey player Marián Hossa was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame this week.

He was the Ottawa Senators’ first-round selection in the 1997 NHL Entry Draft. After seven seasons in Ottawa, he had stints with three other NHL teams before playing his final eight seasons with the Chicago Blackhawks. With the Blackhawks, Hossa won Stanley Cups in 2010, 2013 and 2015.

I have learned so much about life through the game of hockey and I am very appreciative of this recognition.

Marián Hossa

The Slovak player recorded 525 goals and 609 assists in 1,309 NHL regular-season games. Read more about Hossa’s hockey career and fulfilled dreams.


1| From boom to decay: Coburg Ironworks

A new project aims to recount the story of the once-booming ironworks in the Horehronie Region. The remains of them across the region are to be refurbished and interconnected by cycling routes.

2| IN SHORT: The renovation of Grössling Bathhouse in people’s hands

People can have their say on what should be part of the iconic Bratislava bathhouse. Up to 76 architectural studios from 17 countries wanted to refurbish it, but only five made it to the second round.

3| Black pines should have never been planted on Devínska Kobyla

The communist regime was not aware of the environmental consequences back then, but black pines are alien to Slovakia and threaten unique ecosystems and plant species. Nature conservationists have been removing the trees for some time in Bratislava.

4| Fascist statues do not bother Slovaks

It was a decision of a minority to have statues of Jozef Tiso and Ferdinand Ďurčanský sculpted and put in a public space. Should they be removed now following a wave of statue removals worldwide?

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