Unknown corner of Slovakia: Extinct village in eastern Slovakia

The village was moved out along with surrounding villages because of the establishment of the Javorina Military District.

(Source: TASR)

The former village of Blažov on the upper stream of Torysa River in the Levočské Mountains was built above the village of Tichý Potok in eastern Slovakia, in the district of Sabinov. To learn about more interesting places in Slovakia, read our travel guide Spectacular Slovakia.

Blažov became extinct in 1952 when it was moved out with the surrounding villages, because of the establishment of the Javorina Military District in the Levočské Mountains.

After 1955, the church and the village were demolished. Today, instead of the former church, there is a cross near a preserved part of the original floor of the church.

The Torysa River valley, from among frequented tourism centres, is a popular site for tourists, cyclists and fishermen.

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