Christmas without honey? It's possible

Not only Slovakia reports a shortage of honey due to weather changes.

In the picture: A bee meadow in the Bratislava Forest Park on August 1, 2020.In the picture: A bee meadow in the Bratislava Forest Park on August 1, 2020. (Source: TASR)

Climate changes and this year's weather, especially long-lasting rainy and cold weather taking turns with heat waves, have caused the biggest drop in honey production in the last three decades for the Slovak beekeeping sector.

This year's honey harvest reached only one-third of the average reported in the past, chair of the Slovak Association of Beekeepers Milan Rusnák told the SITA newswire.

“The hives do not have sufficient flower nutrition and many are experiencing famine,” he added for SITA.

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Beekeepers have recorded a significant decrease in agate, linden, flower, mixed, and also honeydew types of honey. They have already asked the Agriculture Ministry for financial support.

They expect that there will be a lack of honey in stores by the end of the year, also Christmas.

Not only Slovakia, but other countries across Europe have reported a shortage of honey and food for hives, SITA wrote.

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