Four glacier lakes and one waterfall. Discover popular route in western Tatras

An advantage of the route is the circuit.

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Roháčske Plesá, glacier lakes in the Western Tatras, that is possible to discover with our Tatras travel guide, also called Roháče, is a popular half-day-long hiking route.

Tatras travel guide: A fresh take on the stunning soul of Slovakia. Tatras travel guide: A fresh take on the stunning soul of Slovakia. (Source: Spectacular Slovakia)

The difficulty is not very high (compared to other Western Tatras peaks) and even children can handle the hike. On the way, there are four glacier lakes and one waterfall. The whole route is a circuit lined by the glacier lakes.

The starting point is the parking lot Roháče-Spálená, which is only nine kilometres away from Zuberec. After a short section through a forest, tourists will get to Rázcestie Šindľovec and can continue with the asphalt road to Adamcuľa. Here, the circuit begins and hikers can go in either direction.

It is possible to turn right and see the refreshing 23-metre-high waterfall first. It takes about 45 minutes to get there.

Glacier lakes and ducks

When continuing further up, crossroads will appear (Rázcestie pod Predným zeleným) together with views of the surrounding nature. Here it is possible to rest and continue climbing the steep ascent. After walking about another hour in zigzags, the route will lead you to the highest point of the hike – the fourth Roháčske glacier lake. If you're lucky, you may meet its inhabitants – ducks.

From this point, the route descends. When approaching the third glacier lake, the view is exceptionally beautiful. After passing two more lakes, hikers are close to the crossroad of Smutná Dolina (Sad valley). In about another 30 minutes, tourists reach the Ťatliakova chata chalet, where it is possible to buy some refreshments or even stay overnight.

From Ťatliakova chata, the asphalt road takes hikers to Adamcuľa point and then back to the parking lot. It is also possible to hike the circuit in the other direction, which includes a mild ascent but a steep descent.

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