Origins of SNP Bridge, Muppets Tonight, and forgotten biscuits

Aerial scanning has revealed some peaks are shorter than previously stated. Here's your travel and culture roundup.

Bratislava's SNP Bridge in the early seventies. Bratislava's SNP Bridge in the early seventies. (Source: TASR)

One of Bratislava’s landmarks - SNP Bridge - was officially opened on August 26, 1972. However, the construction was completed two years later, in 1974, when café Bystrica (restaurant UFO today) also began its operation. In 2018, the bridge was declared a national cultural monument.


The hardest ferrata in Slovakia opened

A new attraction awaits adrenaline junkies in the Kremnica Mountains. The hardest ferrata route in Slovakia, marked with the letter F, has been introduced in the ferrata area in Skalka.

A walk to the Roháče glacier lakes

A trip to the four lakes in the Western Tatras is not demanding, which means children can manage it as well. The whole adventure is a circuit, during which you can stop by a waterfall.

Church stands also thanks to northern Europeans

The wooden protestant church in Kežmarok, protected by UNESCO, is a stunning piece of architecture, hiding one of the biggest Baroque organs in the country. Have a listen to the podcast episode on wooden churches.

Up for a beekeeping class?

A bee meadow has been opened in Bratislava. Urban Forest Bratislava plans to organise beekeeping classes for children, teenagers, and adults there. Deckchairs and books are at your disposal too.

The Valley of Giants

The Slanské Mountains in the east of Slovakia reveal remarkable secrets and sights to tourists, including a mystical giant footprint. However, visitors may also come across demon pictures at Falcon’s Rock.

More information about travelling in Slovakia
Please see our Spectacular Slovakia travel guide.

Spectacular Slovakia podcast

At 20:00 on August 29, 1944, in response to the rapid occupation of the wartime Slovak state by Nazi forces, Army Colonel Ján Golian sent out a message that launched the Slovak National Uprising.

Have a listen to last year’s history class with James Thompson to learn more about the uprising.


  • MUSEUM: The Slovak National Museum’s department in Bojnice will operate in a limited mode from August 31 to September 9. A part of Bojnice Castle will also remain temporarily closed due to the filming of a fairy tale.

  • FOUNTAIN BAN: The city of Trenčín will introduce a ban on jumping into and swimming in fountains. Those that violate the ban will be fined €33.

  • MOUNTAINS: Aerial scanning has unveiled inaccuracies in the heights of the Tatra peaks. Malá Litvorová veža is 127 metres shorter compared to previous figures. Lomnický štít is shorter by 1 metre. Predné Solisko, on the other hand, is 11 metres taller than previously thought.

  • MUSIC: Slovak singer Sima Martausová has released a new song, Srdce nepokojné (Restless Heart). The song will appear on her upcoming album, which should be released before Christmas. Listen to the song.

  • FESTIVAL: The three-day ART IN PARK film festival has kicked off in Trenčianske Teplice. Apart from films, a silent disco, Billy Barman concert, and children’s theatre are on the programme.

  • FILM: Pavel Branko, a notable film critic, historian, publicist, documentary film theorist and translator, has died at the age of 99.

  • BRIDGE: In a poll, more than 110,000 people decided on the name of a new bridge over the Danube River. It will be called Lužný Bridge after it received about 50,000 votes.

Weekend reads & watch

Bratislava used to bake its own cantuccini

The old Bratislava delicacy is very similar to Italian cantuccini almond biscuits. In the past, one of the best known bakers was Alexander Kesselbauer. Will these biscuits become popular again?

What we're watching: Muppets Tonight

The Slovak-born production designer, Val Stražovec, died in Canada – where he emigrated in the late sixties - on August 17.

The designer is well-known for his work on the popular children’s program Muppets Tonight, for which he won an Emmy in 1996.

Ahead of the weekend, watch the episode featuring American singer Tony Bennett, for which Stražovec was awarded.

Exploring caves with a headlamp on

The Slovak Cave Administration has opened 13 caves to the public so far. However, as many as 6,200 have been explored in Slovakia to date. Privately managed caves offer the most adventurous experience.

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