Tip for a trip: A circular walk in the Juráňova valley

Suitable for children.

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Juráňova dolina is becoming a well-known tourist spot, especially for families. Yet, it is not overcrowded and the stream that has carved a path between the rocks offers breathable air on a sweltering day.

Tatras travel guide: A fresh take on the stunning soul of Slovakia. Tatras travel guide: A fresh take on the stunning soul of Slovakia. (Source: Spectacular Slovakia)

Starting at Oravice, a popular spot with an aquapark and ski resort, the information signs immediately set tourists on the right track.

The whole route is a circuit, so it is possible for tourists to return to the same point they started.

Cascades and rocks

Following the red marks from the beginning, the asphalt road takes you close to the woods. A lookout tower with binoculars along the way allows visitors to observe the peaks of the Western Tatras in the distance.

After a few kilometres, the red path turns right, crosses a stream and the route through the meadow leads you to the start of the Juráňova dolina.

The whole valley is a kilometre-long gorge with cascades and rocks. The steeper parts of the route are equipped with chains but the walk itself is easy and suitable for families with children.

Closed in the winter

At the end of the valley, the route ascends a little to the Umrlá saddle. After reaching this point, the terrain descends again. On the way back, the red path markers change to blue.

Tatras travel guide: A fresh take on the stunning soul of Slovakia Read more 

Visitors can either continue along the blue path back to Oravice or at Pod Suchou dolinou follow the yellow path which takes them back to the start of the Juráňova Dolina via Bobrovecká and then back to Oravice.

The whole circuit from the parking lot and back takes about two and a half hours. Be aware that the route is closed between November 1 and June 15.

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