New lookout tower in Kysuce and calvary officially open

Message for future generations was incorporated into the concrete box.

(Source: TASR)

Citizens of the town of Krásno nad Kysucou, Žilina Region in northern Slovakia and visitors of the region and surroundings often tend to visit the town because of cycling. Now, they can visit a new sight overlooking the town.

Find out more about region of folklore, national parks and modern attractions in our Žilina Region Travel Guide. Find out more about region of folklore, national parks and modern attractions in our Žilina Region Travel Guide. (Source: Spectacular Slovakia)

A new lookout tower was built on Holý Diel Hill. A walk up the calvary road on top of the hill offers a view of the town and the surrounding mountains, the regional daily My Kysuce wrote.

The lookout tower marks the 15th stop of the calvary.

“We as believers trust in the Resurrection,” Mayor Jozef Grapa said, as quoted by My Kysuce. “And from the lookout tower, we have wide views as a clear future for believers that add beautiful views to our town,” mayor continues.

Message for future generations

“Calvary is quite steep and so at every stop, there will be benches,” Jozef Grapa explained, as quoted by My Kysuce. “People will have a chance to climb the individual stop, rest, pray and continue,” he noted.

The lookout tower itself is divided into several platforms. On the first floor, there is a platform, where information about Krásno nad Kysucou could be found.

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The mayor said that in one part of the tower there is a concrete box with a message for future generations: Krásňan magazine, a recent photo of the town, all coins from €2 until €0.10, a message from architect Stanislav Mikovčák, as well as a face mask, symbol of this uneasy times.

“There is also a message from the mayor in which I recall these uneasy times,” the mayor said, as quoted by My Kysuce.

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