An American with a stool sample walks into a Slovak hospital

Listen to Jeremy Hill's amusing account of the day he presented a Slovak nurse with a stool sample in a Tesco shopping bag.

(Source: SME)

For American Jeremy Hill, his number one enemy in Slovakia has always been winter. He’s not a fan of the bitter cold and after the holidays, this “vegetarian with a sensitive tummy” usually requires some medical assistance. While a visit to the doctor is necessary for Hill this time of year, the prospect of communicating with medical professionals in his limited Slovak does not ease his stomach problems by any means.

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One winter, shortly after the holiday season, his Slovak wife called the doctor’s office, who determined Hill would need to bring a stool sample into the office for examination.

He prepared for the particularly strange visit by memorising some lines in Slovak the night before, ranging from “Good morning” to “I have stool!”

But things didn't go quite as planned when he showed up the following day with his stool sample.

“Still practising my lines, I scanned the room,” said Hill. “There was the usual cast of characters: The remorseful drunk with the yellow-tinged eyes, little old women chatting in the corner, and, of course, the neurotic, frightened foreigner.”

Listen as he recalls with a mixture of shame and amusement the day he presented a Slovak nurse with a stool sample in a Tesco shopping bag.

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