Census is compulsory for everybody living in Slovakia (FAQs)

Find answers to some of the most pressing questions about the census.

Census form can be filled also via the phone.Census form can be filled also via the phone. (Source: SME)

The 2021 census kicked off in mid-February. For the first time, the forms are available online. That means that most people do not have to fill in paper forms, but will answer the census questions in an online questionnaire.

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The census is compulsory for everybody living in Slovakia, not only citizens. The following answers to frequently asked questions will take you through the process of being counted:

Q: I am a foreigner living in Slovakia. Do I have to fill in the form?

A: Yes. Everybody living in Slovakia has to take part in the census, including:

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  • citizens with permanent or temporary residence in Slovakia;
  • EU citizens with a residence permit in Slovakia;
  • non-EU citizen with permanent, temporary or tolerated residence in Slovakia, except for foreigners using diplomatic benefits and immunity in accordance with international law.

Q: I am s Slovak citizen and have a permanent/temporary residence in the country, but I am currently living abroad. Do I have to attend the census?

A: Yes. When asked about your current residence, you should fill in the country you were living in as of January 1, 2021, and since when you have been living at your current address (month and year).

The information will be categorised as your regular residence and used for EU statistics, to prevent the double census of one person within the EU.

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Q: When does the census take place?

A: First, the electronic census takes place from February 15, 2021 through the end of March 2021. People have to fill in the form at www.scitanie.sk.
There is also an app SODB 2021, available for download on iOS and Android operating systems.

The second part is the assisted census. It will take place from April until the end of October 2021. People who cannot fill in the e-form for themselves or with the help of their relatives can visit the contact place each municipality will be required to provide, or ask by phone for a census assistant who will visit them at home and fill in the form with them.

Q: Am I allowed to fill in the form for my children/parents/grandparents?

A: Yes. If your relatives cannot fill in the data themselves or have problems filling it in, you can help them. You need to fill in one form for each person individually (including children).

Q: I do not speak Slovak. Is the form available in other languages?

A: Yes. Before you start filling out the form, you can choose from several languages: English, French, German, Hungarian, Romani, Ruthenian and Ukrainian.

Q: Is the form anonymous?

A: The data will be published anonymously. However, at the very beginning, people fill in their personal identification number (rodné číslo) or their ID number, and add one additional fact (e.g. first name) to increase the login security.

People who do not have a Slovak identification number (rodné číslo) will fill in their date of birth and sex. In this case, the form contains more questions, to fill in some data the Statistics Office otherwise takes from available databases based on the personal identification number.

Q: What kind of data will I be asked to provide?

A: You will be asked to fill in the data about your marital status, if you are staying at the place of your official residence, the number of people living in one household with you, the number of your children, your nationality*, mother tongue, religion, highest achieved education and employment. The collected data are provided as of January 1, 2021.

*In Slovak, and for the purposes of this census, nationality does not equal citizenship. It more equals ethnicity and it is based on self-perception rather than on official documents. This is the first-ever census in Slovakia that allows people to state two nationalities.

Q: I made a mistake when filling out the form. Can I correct it?

A: Before submitting the form, you can check your answers and correct them if necessary. After submitting the form, it is no longer possible to correct the data.

Q: I have problems filling out the form. Where can I get help?

A: Each question has an info button attached to it, with more details for the question. There is also a special helpline at +421 (0)2 5023-6547 operating daily between 8:00 and 20:00 (languages spoken: English, French, German, Hungarian and Ukrainian), or you can send your inquiries to sodb2021@statistics.sk.

Q: Why should I attend the census?

A: The census is compulsory for everybody with residence in Slovakia. People who do not take part in the census can be fined with €50-€250.

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Q: How will data from the census be used?

A: The census will provide information and statistics about the current state of society, its demographic, socio-economic and cultural structures, the conditions people in Slovakia live in and their accommodation. It can be used for various analyses by the state, private sphere or academia. The data will also be available for the public.

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