Swinging into the sunset in Kysuce

A new swing was built in the village of Oščadnica. The creators were inspired by the one in Zázrivá.

(Source: Margaréta Majáková)

Kysuce has become a photo-worthy destination thanks to the beautiful sunset in Oščadnica.

Explore what Slovakia has to offer in our Spectacular Slovakia travel guide Explore what Slovakia has to offer in our Spectacular Slovakia travel guide

"It is a place that you can come to a hundred times and still experience a new and original view", Juraj Gavlák told the MY Kysuce weekly. He added that he and his friends used to sit there on a bench which was sadly removed after some time. ​

​Together with his friends Roman Blahovec, Michal Hluzák, František Maják, Matej Zagrapan, Marek Lušňák, Patrik Šimalják, Barbora Šimaljáková, Marek Koza, and Martin Nečed, they came up with the idea of building a swing. They felt the project would bring people back to the memories of their childhood, offer a beautiful view, and surely become a popular target for influencers.

Juraj admitted to MY Kysuce that he and his friends were inspired by the swing in Zázrivá.

"We began the project in January. We got a carpenter to create the chair and bought some rope to complete the project", reported Juraj. He also adds that the swing hangs on 7 meters of rope. Visitors are advised not to perform any dangerous stunts but rather use the swing as an opportunity to take a nice picture.

The view depends on the weather. On a good day when the light is right, people can see Hanzlov and the valley heading towards the village.

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Juraj and his friends have plans to make additional changes to the spaces. Those include adding some seating and a fire pit. They already ordered a cupboard in which they plan to keep a book for visitors who can sign their names.

For those who are interested in exploring the path to this swing, there is more information available on the SLOVAK DISCOVERER website.

If you want to visit it, start from Oščadnica - Lalík. Follow the yellow path and turn left after you pass some houses. The path will lead down to some chalets.

This is followed by some uphill walking. After about half an hour you will arrive at a seating area and a double-cross nearby. From there, you will see the picture-perfect swing.

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