Where to swim and cool off in Slovakia this summer

Take a dip in regularly checked lakes and water dams.

Bathers relax on the beach by the Veľký Draždiak lake in Bratislava.Bathers relax on the beach by the Veľký Draždiak lake in Bratislava. (Source: Miroslav Košírer/TASR)

The article and the map below will be updated on July 30, 2021.

The sea is the only element Slovakia lacks, some claim, in order to be a perfect holiday destination. And still the country is a water paradise.

A helping hand in the heart of Europe offers for you Slovakia travel guide. A helping hand in the heart of Europe offers for you Slovakia travel guide. (Source: )

In addition to hundreds of swimming pools and water parks, Slovakia boasts plenty of lakes and water dams, many of which are checked on a weekly basis during the summer by regional branches of the Public Health Authority.

Wild swimming spots

Nine wild swimming spots with organised recreation and a number of similar spots but with unorganised recreation are currently suitable for an enjoyable swim.

Zlaté Piesky in Bratislava and the Slnečné jazerá lakes in the town of Senec, situated near the capital, are the only two approved wild swimming spots with organised recreation in the Bratislava Region.

As the map below shows, several other areas – marked with a blue-and-white swimmer icon, including the Liptovská Mara dam in the Žilina Region and Veľká Domaša – Tišava in the Prešov Region, have also been placed on the list.

The Krpáčovo water dam near Brezno, Banská Bystrica Region, and Lake Delňa near Prešov are considered suitable for swimming from July 16.

Simultaneously, public health authorities in regions have gone on to greenlight unorganised recreation by many lakes and dams, which you can all see pinned on the map and marked with a black swimmer icon.

From July 23, the list includes Palcmanská Maša in the Košice Region as well.

The quality of water for swimming in lakes and dams is not satisfactory everywhere. For instance, swimming is not recommended in Vinianske jazero Lake, Tona Šurany, the recreational area of Gazarka Šaštín Stráže, the Brezová pod Bradlom water dam, and two sites by the Ružín water dam in the Gelnica district – SKI and prítoky.

Good for a swim, despite high phosphorus

A few lakes, the authorities have also found, do not meet some indicators but are still good for a swim.

Hence, people can enjoy taking a dip in the recreational area of Rudava near the village of Malé Leváre and in Pieskovňa Lake next to the village of Plavecký Štvrtok, though the colour of water did not meet necessary requirements. Both places can be found in the Malacky district, and thus not far away from Bratislava.

Reduced water transparency was confirmed in the Kráľová-Kaskády water dam and the Bagrovisko Šintava lake in the Trnava Region.

Swimming in the Laborec River in the city of Humenné, eastern Slovakia, and in Lipovina dam in the village of Bátovce, Banská Bystrica Region, has been approved by the authorities as well, despite higher levels of phosphorus and nitrogen.

“The increased colour and increased total phosphorus and nitrogen are among the insignificant indicators, and are checked beyond the mandatory indicators,” the authorities said, adding that the results of other indicators relevant for health came in satisfactory.

The Public Health Authority also noted the Ružiná water dam in the Banská Bystrica Region and the Opatová water dam in the Trenčín Region would not be open to swimmers in the summer.

Closed pools

Apart from natural waters, bathers have indoor or outdoor swimming pools at their disposal in nearly every larger municipality. As many as 162 swimming centres and 541 pools have been given permission to reopen, and several others are believed to follow soon.

For example, AquaFun PARK Veľká Lomnica, the Krupina-Tepličky outdoor swimming pool and the DRZ Sninské rybníky lakes have opened this week.

Nevertheless, the indoor swimming pool in Spišská Nová Ves will remain closed due to reconstruction work.

Neither will the following swimming centres reopen this season: Aqua – Relax Lívia in Brezno, Galandia in Galanta, an outdoor pool in Čalovec, Katarína in Kremnica, Summer Club – Incheba in Bratislava, Tri vody in Malinovo, outdoor pools in Moldava nad Bodvou, Triton in Košice, the outdoor pool in Vlachovo, Veronika in Gemerská Hôrka, outdoor pools in Zlaté Moravce, and an outdoor pool run by Čachovo Pension in Selce.

“In most cases the reason is unsatisfactory technical conditions or ongoing renovations,” said the Public Health Authority, which updates the list of suitable swimming spots in Slovakia every Friday.

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