Where to swim and cool off in Slovakia this summer

Take a dip in regularly checked lakes and reservoirs.

The Zemplínska Šírava water dam in eastern Slovakia is one of the largest dams in the country.The Zemplínska Šírava water dam in eastern Slovakia is one of the largest dams in the country. (Source: TASR - Roman Hanc)

The article will be updated every Friday during the summer.

The sea is the only element Slovakia lacks, some claim, in order to be a perfect holiday destination. And still the country is a water paradise.

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In addition to hundreds of swimming pools and water parks, Slovakia boasts plenty of lakes and reservoirs, many of which are checked on a weekly basis during the summer by regional branches of the Public Health Authority.

This year, the Ružiná reservoir in the south of central Slovakia will remain closed to swimmers due to the filling of the reservoir.

Wild swimming spots

On the map below, The Slovak Spectator lists wild swimming spots that have been okayed by the Public Health Authority for swimming.

The Ružín reservoir in the Gelnica district, eastern Slovakia, is not suitable for swimming. Cyanobacteria and chlorophyll have increased in the water. Neither is Štrkovisko Čaňa outside Košice recommended for a swim. The same applies to JAZERO in Košice.

In western Slovakia, Gazarka Šaštín Stráže, Duchonka and a water reservoir in Brezová pod Bradlom are not suitable for swimming.

Water transparency in the lakes Úhorná (Gelnica), Šintavské Bane (Sereď), Kráľová (Sereď), Kaskády (Galanta), and Tajch (Nová Baňa) is low.

The colour of water and water transparency in the Lipovina reservoir in Bátovce, Nitra Region, are not perfect.

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However, as the authority said, colour and water transparency are not the parameters that would have an impact on people’s health.


As for indoor and outdoor swimming pools, the Public Health Authority has approved the operation of 166 swimming facilities with 562 pools.

The outdoor swimming pools in Banská Bystrica, Plážové Kúpalisko, has reopened following the end of the European Youth Olympic Festival.

Because of reconstruction works, some swimming facilities will remain closed this season. This includes outdoor swimming pools in Bojnice, a town known for its zoo and Bojnice Castle.

Outdoor swimming pools in Kremnica, central Slovakia, and Zlaté Moravce, western Slovakia, have been out of operation for a longer period of time.

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