Only champagne should be exploding in the Tatras. New Year’s Eve will have no firecrackers

Stressful for wild and domestic animals.

(Source: TASR)

The High Tatras launched a campaign named A New Year’s Eve Without Firecrackers.

The aim is to remind people that using pyrotechnics, not just at the turn of the years, is stressful for wild and domestic animals, which are also banned from the area of Tatra National Park.

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The Association of Tourism High Tatras is asking locals and visitors to maintain peace in the region, the SITA newswire reported.

“All animals of the High Tatras, as well as domestic pets, will thank you for setting off no fireworks, pyrotechnics, no noise of any kind,” the association wrote on its website. “They don't need anything, just the peace and quiet of the Tatra forest.”

Sound and visual effects

The town of Vysoké Tatry together with the administration of the national park regularly call for Christmas holidays and New Year’s Eve without fireworks and firecrackers.

As Pavol Majko of the national park said in the past, they are calling on people to remain quiet and celebrate the New Year with an explosion of champagne at the most.

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This plea is also made every year at the accommodation facilities of the national park and its protected area. The administration of the national park said that the use of pyrotechnics and equipment creating sound and visual effects in the area of the national parks is banned and any violation is punished with fines.

Chamois running into avalanche terrain

Park rangers remind people of the negative consequences of pyrotechnics in nature.

The mountain area of Tatra National Park with its valleys and rocky walls offers a perfect environment for the reverberations of acoustic waves, which can frighten local animals.

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“In the case of a legally protected animal, such as the Tatra chamois, excessive noise in the form of explosions, amplified by the effect of reflections from rock formations, can cause stress resulting in uncontrollable behaviour. The consequence of such stressful behaviour is often the escape of the chamois family into avalanche terrain, where in the event of an avalanche there is a risk of death of the entire family,” park rangers point out, as quoted by SITA.

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