Weekend: Euronews recommends Slovak resort to British skiers

Can you find Rudolph amongst the reindeers?

Slovak ski resort recommended by Euronews

The Euronews website describes the Jasná ski resort in central Slovakia as an off-piste skiing place that can serve as an alternative to the famous French ski resort in Chamonix.

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The Slovak ski resort is cheaper, the website writes, and recommends it to advanced skiers and free-riders.

“The resort is small,” Euronews points out, “It’s usually quiet, too, meaning there’s a good chance you’ll find some untouched snow.”

The same resort also appears in another of Euronews’ stories about budget resorts recommended to British skiers. Jasná is painted as a great place for “adrenaline seekers on a budget”.

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Archive: Get in a festive mood with our podcasts

In the past, The Slovak Spectator made several podcast episodes about Slovak Christmas. Here are some of them:


Winter fun in Turiec

If you are looking for a place to spend your winter vacation, try going to the Turiec region in central Slovakia, which is surrounded by mountains.

The snowy slopes attract skiers, snowboarders, ski alpinists, sledgers and tourists. There are several ski resorts in Turiec and they are only a few dozens of kilometres apart, so you can try several slopes during a multi-day stay.

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More travel news:

  • Distinguished by a snowflake symbol, two Christmas trams operate in Bratislava until January 6.

  • A popular forest railway in Čierny Balog has become embroiled in a property dispute.

  • Local musicians have provided new music for the repaired Košice carillon, although it will continue to play well-known classical and other music, including traditional Christmas songs.

A weekend read

Forget about decluttering during Christmas time

Typical Slovak thriftiness, combined with an economic model that pushes people to buy things they don't really need, leads to homes cluttered with needless items people are unable to throw away.

And since the market economy responds to people’s needs, there is now a service that can help resolve that problem: professional organising experts who will not only help people get rid of things they do not need, but teach clients how not to relapse back into clutter.

Zuzana Mrázová is one of Slovakia’s three certified KonMari consultants. These are professional tidying experts trained to help people organise their homes using the KonMari Method, created by the Japanese woman Marie Kondo.


Reopened and closed again

The Slovak National Gallery in the capital has closed again after a short reopening during which it guided visitors through its refurbished premises.

The gallery will remain shut during the Christmas and New Year holidays. In January, more work is needed on operational and technical aspects.

The SNG will schedule several guided tours of the building and exhibitions, to take place throughout January. Then, over the course of 2023, the gallery plans to gradually open its permanent exhibitions, a cinema, a modern library, a café and a gallery bookshop.

In the meantime, let’s learn more about the Bridge, a controversial extension of the gallery.

Events: The latest Top 10 events in Bratislava will provide you with tips on how to spend the last day of the year, or what about spending some time in a self-service container sauna?



This potato salad, a typical Christmas meal in Slovakia and Czechia, as prepared by popular Czechoslovak singer Karel Gott. He used green pepper as his secret ingredient.


An old train carriage near the Chmarošský Viaduct in Telgárt, central Slovakia, has been turned into a cosy café.


A 1783 Slovak Christmas carol, Sem Pastieri Pospiechajte (Here Hasten, Shepherds), sung by the Technik STU choir.


“I don’t enjoy lying to others, but somehow I have to survive,” a romantic scammer from Nigeria told a Slovak journalist.


Can you find RUDOLPH amongst the reindeers in this brain teaser created by Hungarian artist Gergely Dudás – Dudolf?

That’s it for this week. Enjoy your festive weekend. - Peter

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