The National Bank of Slovakia (NBS) in Bratislava.
Inflation is expected to continue increasing unless more measures are taken, the bank's analysts say. Jozef Tvardzík28. Sep 2022, at 15:42
PM Eduard Heger
Slovakia wants changes to EU windfall tax plans. 28. Sep 2022, at 11:20
Economy Minister Karel Hirman.
Karel Hirman says we need protective mechanisms. Eva Frantová and 1 more28. Sep 2022, at 10:55
Illustrative photo, employees.
Three out of ten Slovakia's foreigners work in Bratislava. 26. Sep 2022, at 16:37
If approved by parliament, it will enable the state to nationalise energy commodities. 22. Sep 2022, at 12:40
PEPP can be transferred within EU. 21. Sep 2022, at 11:30
Slovakia still does not have measures to tame energy prices.
The cabinet will deal with the measures on Wednesday, parliament to discuss them in a fast-track procedure. 20. Sep 2022, at 16:51
Environment Minister Ján Budaj.
Subsidies will be offered from October. Eva Frantová15. Sep 2022, at 8:03
Illustrative photo.
Slovakia's central bank has adjusted the rules for loans based on age. Jozef Tvardzík14. Sep 2022, at 16:52
Artillery ammunition, illustrative stock photo
Investment will bring new jobs. Jana Otriová13. Sep 2022, at 12:01
Government subsidies were too slow. Dominika Mrákavová13. Sep 2022, at 11:58
Promenade in front of the Eurovea shopping centre.
New building plans are already in the works. Tomáš Vašuta12. Sep 2022, at 12:30
An average increase of 140 percent in heat prices should be expected. Eva Frantová12. Sep 2022, at 12:23
Gently does it: Nuclear fuel is loaded into reactor of the third unit at the Mochovce nuclear power plant.
Third unit should start generating power soon, with fourth unit due to be launched less than two years later. 9. Sep 2022, at 15:26
Companies say the state needs to come up with a compensation programme for steep energy bills. 8. Sep 2022, at 11:44
Illustrative photo, Google Maps show alternative routes.
Slovakia joins Canada, USA, and Germany in more eco-friendly travel. 7. Sep 2022, at 17:09
Einpark Offices building
Investing in ESG is neither simple nor cheap but can render financial returns beyond the investment.
7. Sep 2022, at 15:24
U.S. Steel Košice will increase prices for its buyers in 2020
Rising energy prices make it hard for industry to plan for the future, says company. 7. Sep 2022, at 12:10
Russian shops in Bratislava renamed. Michaela Červenková7. Sep 2022, at 7:40
There are plenty of tips on how you can save energy and money.
Lighting, heating, cooking, and using hot water all affect our wallets. The Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency has put together a list of recommendations to reduce both. 6. Sep 2022, at 18:48
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