THE TOTAL abolition of payroll taxes, installing a single social benefit payment, the financing of basic health care from taxes and a constitutional ban on public finance deficit over a period of a single electoral term are among the measures within the Alfa programme platform presented by Radoslav Procházka, an MP for the Christian Democratic Movement (KDH), at the session of the party’s council held in Skalica, Trnava Region, on October 20.

“I announced a couple of months ago that I want to offer my own programme and vision on what the centre-right [parties] should aspire to as an answer and political defence not only to the KDH,” Procházka wrote in his publication of the Alfa programme, as quoted by the TASR newswire.

He added that his ambition is to persuade the KDH to adopt the programme and then promote it further in cooperation with other parties that share similar ideas. His main goal is to emphasise “cooperation rather than solo performance”. He stressed that he wants to promote “a generational renewal of Slovak politics”, TASR wrote.