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Zuzana Kepplová has been a columnist, writer and an editor of the opinion section at the Sme daily since 2015.

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The crossroad in Martinová.
Hungarians are unwanted in the north, Roma are unwanted everywhere. 12. Feb 2021, at 7:46
Archaeologist Mária Hudáková with the precious Celtic statuette.
Archaeologist talks about how the precious statuette was found in Spiš. 27. Dec 2020, at 11:02
Interview with Andrey Kalikh

They are asking if we really want war

Pressure on us not to publish what we found is part of propaganda. 14. May 2019, at 11:38
November 16, 2018 protest in Bratislava
Grassroots citizens’ movements, the ruling powers as well as competing political parties and figures all clash in the struggle for the interpretation of Kuciak. 10. Apr 2019, at 18:33
People who are not allowed to vote in their homeland will be more likely to renounce it. 28. Mar 2019, at 14:10
Orbán used Soros as a powerful container for everything he stood against. Fico borrowed the ready-made narrative. 19. Oct 2018, at 8:45
Miroslav Lajcak with PM Robert Fico.
We will be watching with tension how Lajčák will deal with the refugee issue. At the UN level, it will also be time to deal with the mantra about solving problems in the countries of origin. 26. May 2016, at 15:05